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3 Secret Perk Strategies You Can Use on Your Indiegogo Campaign

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Mark Pecota

3 Secret Perk Strategies You Can Use on Your Indiegogo Campaign

Often, I hear the question “Should I launch on Kickstarter or Indiegogo?” My usual answer is “both”. Each platform has unique features that make them great. But this article won’t be about the pros and cons of each platform. Instead, we’ll dive into one of my favorite features of Indiegogo: Secret Perks.

What is a Secret Perk?

A Secret Perk is a Perk on Indiegogo that is only visible if someone clicks on a unique link. That means secret perks do not appear on your public Indiegogo page. Learn how to create a secret perk here.

Here’s what The Empire’s Indiegogo page looks like to the public:

Here’s what it looks like when you click on a Secret Perk link:

You can see that the Secret Perk was added to the top of the Perks section and also gets a “SECRET PERK” banner at the top. Now you know what a Secret Perk is. Let’s talk about how to use them effectively.

Secret Perk Strategies

If you are like me when I first learned about Secret Perks, your mind is racing with ideas of how to use them. As you’ve probably guessed, there are some ways which are better than others. Below, I’ll dive into 3 of our top Secret Perk strategies we use for our Indiegogo Campaigns.

1. Remarketing

Another great feature of Indiegogo is that they allow you to place your Facebook Pixel on your campaign page. With your Facebook Pixel in place, you will constantly be building up an audience on Facebook to remarket to.

In simple terms, remarketing is advertising to users who have already interacted with your brand in some way. In this strategy, we are specifically looking to remarket to users who have been to the Indiegogo Campaign page but did not purchase.

Using BaKblade 2.0 as an example, we decided to offer users who did not back our campaign a Secret Perk for 38% off the retail price.

The ad looked like this:

And then the Secret Perk looked like this:

Remarketing efforts typically yield a much higher return on investment. This is because the users you are targeting are more qualified since they have already seen your campaign page and require less education. Once you give them a Secret Perk for a bigger discount than what they were offered before, there is a high likelihood many will take that offer.

2. Flash Sales

In a flash sale, you promote a heavy discount on your product for a short period of time. It’s a great way to drive sales and convert people that are on the fence about backing your project. Without Secret Perks, a flash sale would have to be public. The downside to a public flash sale is angering backers who have already backed your project at a higher price.

Secret perks allow you to avoid this situation and be selective with whom you offer the flash sale discount to.

We typically market flash sales through email since we can control who sees the message much more easily. We send the flash sale offer only to people on our list who haven’t backed our campaign yet.

3. Secret add-ons

Another great feature of Indiegogo is that backers can pledge multiple times. This allows you to sell separate items or “add-ons” to backers who already purchased your main product.

I see many campaigns list add-ons as public perks on their campaign page. We try to stay clear of that strategy since it will add complexity to your perk offering and make your main product less visible. Since perks are listed in order of price (lowest to highest) and add-ons are typically cheaper than your main product offering, your add-ons will appear at the top of the perk list.

I like to use secret perks as much as I can for add-ons and strategically market those add-ons to people after they have already backed the campaign.

For example, for BaKblade 2.0’s Indiegogo Indemand campaign, we emailed backers automatically using Mailchimp with an upsell offer. It looked like this:

At the bottom of the email, we had additional offers with more Secret Perk add-ons:

Wrapping Up

Overall, Secret Perks make the people who see them feel special. That feeling tends to lead to a higher conversion rate vs. a perk that is simply added to the public campaign page.

Those were just 3 ways that I like to use Secret Perks on our Indiegogo campaigns. What strategies can you think of?

Secret perks can be tricky! Apply to work with us today so we can help you decide how to use them.

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