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The majority
launches fail.

Yep – 58.85% to be exact. Many fail because their marketing strategy was “let’s launch first and then start marketing.” That doesn’t work. The truth is… the most successful creators follow a proven Kickstarter process and start marketing way before they click the launch button.

The key to a
successful launch
is a
successful pre-launch.

Since 2013, we’ve pioneered the pre-launch. Why? Because if you don’t do it right, your campaign is dead in the water. After working with over 1,000 product creators, we’ve fine-tuned a crowdfunding process that works.

“I joined the LaunchBoom Accelerator after they convinced me it was worth re-launching my failed campaign. I went through the whole LB system for my pre-launch, I made my mailing list go from 400 to 4000, and then I had a re-launch boom, reaching the goal in 12 minutes!”

– Simon Lasnier, Creator of Midronome

Raised $173,387 on Kickstarter

Funded in 12 minutes

1. Build a Reservation Funnel

First, we’ll help you build a Reservation Funnel using our software, LaunchKit. This is how you’ll collect $1 reservations before you launch. Reservations are 30 times more likely to buy your product – making them way more valuable than an email alone.

Century Jacket raised $456,355 on Kickstarter

Century Jacket raised $456,355 on Kickstarter

Funded in 10 minutes

2. Validate market
demand and product

Next up, testing and validation. Here you’ll get clarity on market demand, how to position your product, and how much your ad budget will need to be – reducing your risk even more.

LaunchBoom - Indiegogo & Kickstarter Marketing Strategy

“LaunchBoom is an invaluable partner when it comes to validating a product and orchestrating remarkable crowdfunding campaigns.”

– Kyriakos Charalampides, CEO of Reliq

Raised $555,203 on Indiegogo

Funded in 5 minutes

3. Build an audience quickly
and profitably with ads

With testing complete, you’ll know which ads work and which don’t. You can spend your ad budget confidently – knowing that the money you put into advertising will have a positive return on investment.

LaunchBoom - Indiegogo & Kickstarter Marketing Strategy

“The reservation system is mind-blowing how much sense it makes. We had 2,600 $1 reservation signups and we started thinking ‘Wow, this might actually work.’ There are people that actually want the game.”

– Dusty Droz, Co-founder of Dux Somnium Games

Raised $1,057,307 on Kickstarter

Funded in 16 minutes

4. Launch and get
funded in minutes

The moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s Launch Day. Click that launch button, email your pre-launch audience, and hit your funding goal on day one – or what we call “having a LaunchBoom.”

LaunchBoom - Indiegogo & Kickstarter Marketing Strategy

“I’m a huge fan of their system – it enabled us to drive $1M in sales in one day…”

– Tyler Bushnell, Founder of Polycade

Raised $1,658,958 on Kickstarter

Funded in 6 minutes

5. Enjoy the benefits
of quick funding

Getting funding quickly has its benefits. Shoot up in the rankings on Kickstarter (usually 20-30% of funding will come from here). Leverage the social proof and scale your advertising. Attract PR and influencers.

LaunchBoom - Indiegogo & Kickstarter Marketing Strategy
Leonie Grundler - Biome - Lioness Games

“Can highly recommend the team and the whole process. This was my first Kickstarter and we debated a few different marketing agencies to support us and I'm so glad we chose LaunchBoom... My board game funded on Kickstarter in 9 minutes. The fee is well worth it!”

– Leonie Grundler, Creator of Biome

Raised $400,240 on Kickstarter

Funded in 9 minutes

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