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Hundreds of Happy Clients

Worth its weight in gold.

As a two-time Kickstarter creator, I really wish I would’ve known about LaunchBoom consulting a long time ago. LaunchBoom’s pre-launch strategy is by far worth its weight in gold. It would’ve saved me so much time and money.


Anibal M.

LaunchBoom is a must-have…

Launchboom is a must-have for anyone considering crowdfunding their business or product. Our team and business wouldn't have stood a chance without them! We launched our first product with the help of LaunchBoom and obliterated our goal in about 30 minutes. This team goes above and beyond and should probably be charging ALOT more for their services.



Absolute best in the business.

If you need a crowdfunding partner, these guys are the absolute best in the business. You won't find a better group of people to work with either. I was beyond impressed how they took my idea and turned it into a $1.7mm crowdfunding raise! If you are serious about bringing your idea to market, these guys will help you crush it.


Steve S.

Tried and true method to run a successful Kickstarter.

Excellent to work with. Very good process and highly recommended. Keep up the good work LaunchBoom. If you're looking for a tried and true method for running a successful Kickstarter and want to work with a legitimate company - look no further. I would definitely work with them again.



Genuinely want their clients to succeed.

Very few (maybe no other) teams can do what LaunchBoom does and they do it extremely well. They have a great system, experience and skill in preparing for and launching crowdfunding campaigns. And most importantly, they are honest and open and genuinely want their clients to succeed.


Dustin B.

Best investment I ever made

Launchboom showed me how to successfully raise capital for my Indiegogo campaign. Their hands-on program is flawless. This was probably the best investment I ever did. There is a secret recipe for crowdfunding and these guys show you how it's done.


Youri B.

The only company to consider for crowdfunding

LaunchBoom killed it with our Kickstarter campaign. We came in 2997% above our funding goal and will use them again for future campaigns for sure. We've hired and fired numerous marketing agencies over the years but LaunchBoom is separate from the pack and comes with our strongest praise. They do exactly what they say they will.


Jake A.

After failing my first campaign…

After failing on my first Crowdfunding campaign I was lucky to join LaunchBoom and my second Kickstarter campaign was a success after applying everything I learned from the team. I highly recommend if you plan to launch a campaign.


Fernando M.

LaunchBoom delivered…

LaunchBoom delivered on their promise. Their ads and analytics produced results, and we were able to exceed $100,000 on day 1. They are vested in your success so you know they will do everything necessary to guarantee your success.


Adam Z.

The team at LB are friggin rockstars…

The team at Launchboom are friggin rockstars! These guys are the best in the game. They know what they are doing and best of all, have a program for all inventors at all levels. These guys just give, give, give and are a cornerstone of the community.


Babak F.

Best in the game.

Our company, William Painter Inc. has worked with LaunchBoom on 3 separate campaigns that have raised over $1,000,000. LaunchBoom is definitely the best in the industry. They truly understand the Kickstarter backer and have an incredible team. Over the past several campaigns it has been a real pleasure working with their team.”


Matt D.

Great experience with LaunchBoom

It's a great experience working with LaunchBoom. We had done a lot of research and interviewed a few different places before choosing LauchBoom. We have to say we made a right choice. We not only get what we paid but also learn methodology and how to do marketing analysis scientifically.


Lei E.

A True Partner.

“We’ve had the opportunity to partner with LaunchBoom for a consulting service for our crowdfunding campaign. The best thing about working with LaunchBoom, apart from their vast and incredible experience, knowledge and expertise, is the fact that they are great human beings! They are so caring, honest and kind, all of which makes you feel like you can really rely on them as a true partner.”


Trang P.