LaunchBoom is made up of experienced and passionate experts from many disciplines. With clients from 40+ countries, we have team members living around the world. When we work together, we view our team as an extension of yours. Get to know your future team below.

Mark Pecota

CEO & Co-Founder

San Diego, USA

Will Ford

President & Co-Founder

San Diego, USA

Tom Dadourian

CMO & Co-Founder

San Diego, USA

Mike Revie

CTO & Co-Founder

South Lake Tahoe, USA

Victor Shiu

Creative Director & Co-Founder

San Diego, USA

Brad Enright

Product Launch Director

San Diego, USA

Chase Borden

Lead Campaign Strategist

San Diego, USA

Ciaran Flanagan

Campaign Strategist

Medellín, Colombia

Eduardo Mata

Web Developer

Córdoba, Argentina

Jayne Chong

Creative Producer

San Diego, USA

Jun Gutierrez

Campaign Coordinator

Quezon City, Philippines

Justin Arakaki

Director of Campaign Strategy

Anaheim, USA

Naveed Abed

Campaign Manager

San Fransisco, USA

Alex Slade

Lead Creative Producer

San Diego, USA

Paolo Felix

Email Coordinator

Taguig City, Philippines

Ricardo Melo



Richard Hoffmann

Campaign Manager

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sara Zamora


San Diego, USA

Spencer Knowlton

Sr. Campaign Strategist

San Diego, USA

Jaime Cantarovici

Campaign Strategist

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Manny Pantoja


San Diego, USA

Joseph Wilson

Creative Producer

San Diego, USA

Nick Bonasia

Campaign Manager

San Diego, USA

Cameron Montgomery

Channel Director - TomsFinds

San Diego, USA

Joe Piperni

Product Launch Specialist

Montreal, Canada




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Our Story

The story of LaunchBoom started in 2013 with a product called EcoQube. At this time, LaunchBoom was a full service marketing agency called Label Creative. Kevin, the creator of EcoQube, was one of Label Creative’s first clients and asked for our help launching his first product on Kickstarter.

We had heard of Kickstarter before, but never had any experience using the platform. It sounded like a great opportunity, so we took the job. Flash forward a couple months and we raised $79,026 for EcoQube on Kickstarter.

After seeing the success of the first campaign, we quickly launched a new product for another client, 1Hour Break on Indiegogo and raised $105,343. Shortly after that, Kevin came back with a new product called EcoQube C and we raised $375,058 on Kickstarter.

At this point, we realized that there was a much bigger opportunity here…

By the end of 2015, Label Creative rebranded to LaunchBoom with the mission of building the most effective system for launching new consumer products worldwide. And it’s that mission that has been driving us forward ever since.

Today, we are proud to say that we have launched more successful crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter than any other agency in the world. As a result, we are only one of a select few to be recognized as a Certified Expert on Kickstarter, a Certified Expert on Indiegogo, and a Facebook Marketing Partner. We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide make their dreams a reality and we’re only just getting started.