10 ways Indiegogo InDemand helps maximize crowdfunding success

Indiegogo InDemand is a hugely powerful post-campaign tool. We've got 10 tips on how you should use it.

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Indiegogo InDemand is a must-have for successful campaigns that want to take their revenue total from satisfactory to stunning. If you’re not already familiar with it, you can read more about what InDemand is here. If you already know about InDemand but want to learn the specifics of the platform, read on! We’ll explain 10 ways you can use InDemand to maximize your crowdfunding success.

Keep up your momentum

Your original crowdfunding campaign was a sprint to your fundraising goal, and now is the time to ease into the marathon of creating your product and keeping your business growing. You don’t want to have any downtime between the end of your campaign and your product launch, and transitioning to InDemand as your campaign draws to an end means that there will always be a way for people to pre-order your product. You can launch on InDemand at any time after your campaign ends, but you’ll see the best results if you make a seamless transition from your campaign to InDemand. And remember—you can use InDemand no matter which platform your original crowdfunding campaign ran on, so plan ahead if you need to transition from Kickstarter or another site.

Increase your pricing

Now that you’re out of the crowdfunding phase, it’s time to increase the price of your product. Experts like Jake Wagner, the senior manager of Indiegogo InDemand, recommend an increase of 5-15% from your initial campaign pricing. You want to make sure that the people who backed your campaign during the crowdfunding phase feel like they got the best deal for supporting you early, but you also want to give people a reason to pre-order now instead of waiting for your product to launch. The goal is to land somewhere between your campaign pricing and your eventual MSRP. And with payouts every four weeks, you’ll be able to keep a steady stream of money flowing to your company while you’re in production.

Build the Facebook pixel

InDemand lets you install a Facebook pixel on your page, and adding this small bit of code can supercharge your ad returns. A Facebook pixel lets you track your traffic and match different people to different events, like different ad campaigns you’ve run. You can filter these people in order to fine-tune which ads they’re seeing based on things like whether or not they made a purchase, or if they added something to their cart but didn’t complete the checkout process. This lets you specifically retarget potential backers based on their performance, which can boost the likelihood that you make a sale. You have access to the data that the pixel collects, and you can use it in many ways to increase traffic—and increase sales.

Simplify the perks

While you may have had a whole host of different perks on your original campaign, now is the time to simplify what you’re offering. We recommend offering 3-6 standard perks during InDemand. Don’t make it too complicated; if people have a hard time deciding what to purchase, they’re more likely to wander away from your page, perhaps never to return. Focus on your product and on getting units into your backers’ hands, and know that if you want to do something special, you can always choose to feature a specific perk.

Secret perks

Speaking of something special, you should consider running secret perks. These are perks that are only available through a certain URL—say, one you run on a specific Facebook ad, or one that goes out to a portion of your email list. The secret perk will show up at the top of the perks list and will only be visible while visitors are on that page. It can convince people to purchase your product on the spot, since they’ll lose the perk if they leave the page. Secret perks are a great tool to get more traffic and more contributions. They can be a way to offer a deeper discount or to test an increase in pricing, or to retarget people who visited your page before without purchasing.

Tap into the Indiegogo community

Indiegogo will put your InDemand page in front of its community’s eyes. You’ll be in their search and explore, your page will be listed in channels, and you’ll have the chance to be featured in their newsletters, which are dynamically targeted to the customers who are most likely to buy products like yours. It’s an incredible way to get your campaign discovered by those who may not have seen it before. If you launched your original campaign on Indiegogo, then you’re already integrated into this expansive community, but joining InDemand after completing a fundraising campaign on another platform gives you access to it as soon as you’re set up. Plus, InDemand sets up your new page with the amount you raised during your initial campaign no matter where you launched, so you can use your fundraising feats as social proof.

No time limit

You can stay on InDemand for as long as you like. There are no new funding goals to hit or deadlines to chase, which means that you can operate InDemand as your pre-order storefront for as long as you want. You’ll have traction built up on Indiegogo, which you won’t have yet on your own website. People are also used to placing pre-orders for items through Indiegogo, so there’s trust built in that you may not yet have on your own. When we tested running pre-orders on a new ecommerce website against keeping them on InDemand, the conversion rate was much higher on InDemand, almost without exception. And since there’s no time limit, you can make sure that your ecommerce site and your product are both ready before you make the switch.

Take advantage of InDemand’s partnerships

Indiegogo has formed numerous partnerships with companies in every area of expertise, and as an InDemand user, you’ll have access to all of them. Whether you need help with manufacturing, marketing, fulfilment, or any other part of the process, Indiegogo’s trusted partners are there to help. Work with Launchboom to create a winning campaign, planned to your needs and desires from start to finish. Get certified by Arrow Electronics so customers feel more confident in your product’s design. Run your fulfillment through EasyShip to get your products to your backers with no hassle. Indiegogo has a partner to help with every step of the process.

Raise more with add ons

Add-ons are extra perks that backers can choose to purchase during the checkout process on InDemand. Once a backer selects a standard perk, they will be able to choose as many different add-ons as they want—think additional units, extra accessories, or swag with your company or product name on it. They can be customized for each standard perk, so you’re in complete control of which level of backer gets access to which extra merch. Add-ons are a great way to increase your average order value and make the return on your ad spend even better.

Use InDemand to prepare for your ecommerce launch

Every campaign has a different goal for their time on InDemand. Some continue to use it as an extension of their original crowdfunding campaign without making many changes, while others use their time on InDemand to test different assets and figure out what will work best for them going forward. Whatever your goals, InDemand is a great way to bridge the time between the end of your campaign and the launch of your ecommerce site. Since you can use InDemand for as long as you want, and you can test different marketing assets, pricing, and add-ons there before moving off the platform, it means you have far less stress when you’re planning to make that move. You can perfect everything you need before taking that leap—and you can keep making money while you do it.

If you want to run a crowdfunding campaign that shatters your original goals, Indiegogo InDemand must be an essential part of your post-campaign plans. With secret perks, add-ons, tons of flexibility, and no limit on how long you can use the platform or how much additional funding you can bring in, you’ll be leaving money on the table if you don’t use it. Connect with us today to find out how we can help you launch your product and run your InDemand campaign!

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