XNote: The Killer Combo of ChatGPT and Note-taking (CASE STUDY)

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Mark Pecota | CEO at LaunchBoom

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This founder mixed ChatGPT with note-taking…

The combination led to a $259,394 Kickstarter launch.

Here’s his story.

Omer Celic XNote Founder

Meet Omer Celic – the founder of XNote.

He saw the rise of generative AI tech like ChatGPT and thought:

“How can I apply this to a physical product?”

As an avid note-taker, he first imagined what it’d be like to take notes in a regular notebook and then have those notes be digitized instantly.

But he didn’t stop there.

With the notes now digitized, he realized he could use ChatGPT to engage with his notes.

Prompts like…

  • Pull up the action points from today’s team meeting.
  • Tell me the name of the book Kevin recommended to me.
  • Create a short quiz based on last week’s lecture notes.

… Could all be said to the AI and like magic, ChatGPT would give him the results he wanted.

He put together a team to bring this vision to life and XNote was born.

And on November 1st, 2023, with the help of my team at LaunchBoom, he launched on Kickstarter.

He raised $56,636 in one day… and by the end of the campaign he had made $259,394 for his first product launch.

xnote kickstarter funding

This wouldn’t have been possible without a well-executed pre-launch marketing strategy.

Let’s dive into what that was.

XNote’s pre-launch marketing strategy

Making over $259K in 30 days is no easy task – it actually put Omer in the top 1.8% of all Kickstarter campaigns ever.

And hitting that milestone takes a combination of different marketing tactics, with the most important marketing tactic being the pre-launch.

More specifically, building an email list of real buyers before you launch your campaign.

The best way to do that is by using LaunchBoom’s Reservation Funnel System.

Here’s how it worked.

1. XNote drove traffic with Meta Ads

Meta ads are the first step to build a pre-launch email list. This is how XNote drove traffic. They tested many different variations of copy and imagery, but here was their best performing ad.

Here are the metrics for this ad:

  • Click through rate: 3.01%
  • Cost per lead: $4.66
  • Cost per reservation: $44.13

You can see all the pre-launch metrics later in this case study.



2. XNote collected email addresses on a landing page

The landing page is where they explained their product and collected email addresses. The landing page looked like this:

XNote LaunchKit Landing Page

By the way, this is a screenshot from our LaunchKit software that all LaunchBoom Creators get access to.



3. XNote collected $5 reservations

This is the most important step and why we call this funnel the Reservation Funnel. XNote had this VIP offer for putting down a $5 reservation:

  • A guaranteed 41% discount
  • An invite to their VIP Facebook group

Now usually LaunchBoom Creators use a $1 reservation, but higher reservations (like $5) can work well too for higher price point products. The most important thing to know is that people who put down the reservation were way more likely to buy (30 times on average, in fact).


XNote got funded on day one

Leading into the launch, Omer had 908 people who had put down a $5 reservation deposit. Remember, there’s no better predictor of launch success than the reservations.

And just like we thought, their launch was a success.

XNote Kickstarter Campaign

On the first day, they made $56,636.

By the end of the campaign, they had driven $259,394 in revenue from 1,104 new customers.

But most important of all, Omer had a 2.99x return on pre-launch ad spend.

This was all possible because they followed the LaunchBoom system, which is laser focused on getting creators the highest return on their investment.

Because at LaunchBoom, our goal is not to launch a successful product, but to launch a successful business.

And Omer was pretty happy with the results.


Do you have an innovative product like Omer?

We can help you turn it into a real business (or dramatically grow your existing business).

We’ve worked with over a thousand product creators.

If you want to be the next one…

Click here to talk with a LaunchBoom expert.


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