Why collaboration is key to maximizing crowdfunding campaigns

Everyday I talk to entrepreneurs, inventors, and creators who want to have a huge product launch. With contagious ambition & confidence…

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Everyday I talk to entrepreneurs, inventors, and creators who want to have a huge product launch. With contagious ambition & confidence that their creation is the next big thing, few are looking to go small. This is why, more often than not, they always ask the same question:

“How do I raise $1,000,000+ for my product launch using Kickstarter and Indiegogo?”

Instead of pitching them that LaunchBoom is the answer to all of their problems and can make their wildest dreams come true, I tell them the truth. The phrase “jack of all trades (and master of none)” is true within the crowdfunding industry as well. Instead of choosing just one, I recommend they work with multiple companies who are all experts at what they do and when combined, allow for $1,000,000+ campaigns to emerge.

This answer often surprises them, as almost every other agency, consultant, or “crowdfunding expert” they’ve talked to has tried to sell themselves as the one-stop-shop for the entire campaign. Unfortunately, these misleading claims come at no surprise as integrity in the crowdfunding industry is not in high supply.

There are 4 core areas of a campaign that need to be maximized in order to hit a $1,000,000+ product launch:

  1. Pre-Launch Advertising: advertising before the campaign launches on Kickstarter/Indiegogo. The goal is to build a highly qualified email list of prospective buyers to make it easier to control the outcome when its time to launch.
  2. Marketing Asset Creation: build core marketing assets (campaign video, website, campaign page) to appeal to the core audience and helps maximize the amount of backers during the campaign.
  3. PR & Media Placement: manage all media outreach and placement in top tier media outlets. This helps send additional traffic during the campaign to drive more backers and maximize the total amount raised.
  4. Live Campaign Advertising: continuing to drive traffic through advertising during the live campaign is key to success. This helps drive more backers per day which will help you maintain top placement on the crowdfunding platforms for a longer amount of time giving you access to their MASSIVE organic audiences and driving more backers.

Here is where we have found the best results when managing crowdfunding campaigns for our clients here at LaunchBoom:

EXPERTISE: Pre-Launch Advertising, Marketing Asset Creation, Campaign Management

At LaunchBoom, we’ve created a better model for launching high growth products.

Since 2015, we have launched more successful crowdfunding campaigns than any other agency in the world. We do this by using predictive analytics to validate demand before we launch. This is accomplished through our Facebook advertising system which allows us build massive, hyper-focused communities of consumers READY to buy before we launch. In essence, we are pre-selling the pre-sale on Kickstarter/Indiegogo.

We only launch on Kickstarter/Indiegogo when we have an engaged audience large enough to exceed our campaign goal within the first 24–48 hours after we launch. This is what the industry calls the “LaunchBoom Effect”.

LaunchBoom Effect: Exceeding your Kickstarter/Indiegogo goal immediately after launch will help your campaign outperform all the other “live” campaigns. This catapults your campaign to the top of the rankings and gives you FREE organic access to tens of millions of unique visitors on these platforms which further boosts your campaign outcome and total amount raised.

You can learn more about LaunchBoom’s crowdfunding strategy here: LaunchBoom

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EXPERTISE: PR & Media Placement

Proper Propaganda has a highly effective crowdfunding campaign PR strategy and has delivered more successful crowdfunding campaigns than any other PR agency in the world. Their efforts will drive HUGE amounts of traffic to the campaign once it goes “live” and help generate even more sales volume. This is very similar to what happens when you dump gasoline on a blazing fire…

Jackson Wightman, Minister of Propaganda @ Proper Proganada says,
“PR is really a front of campaign channel in a crowdfunding context. This means you need to start activity in the channel at least 6–8 weeks pre launch. Media relations is a slow, often messy affair, so more time is better.

Entrepreneurs need to be ready to speak clearly and succinctly to the media. The ability to keep answers short is key to managing the media filter.”

You can learn more about Proper Propaganda’s PR strategy here: Proper Propaganda

EXPERTISE: Live Campaign Advertising

After the LaunchBoom Effect, it is critical that you have the best “LIVE” campaign advertising strategy in place to continue driving even more sales and maximizing your campaign outcome. We have come to trust Jellop as being the top performing agency when it comes to managing “LIVE” Campaign ads.

Jellop helps creators maximize their crowdfunding projects by reaching new audiences using high-precision advertising on Facebook and Google.

Iddo Sternberg, Co-founder @ Jellop says, “Crushing live campaign advertising is all about being on top of your numbers and keeping a close eye on them. There is a clear tradeoff between volumes and margins and the sweet spot is different for each creator — depending on their margins, business objectives and preferences.

Another prerequisite is to time your ad spend. Other than the first 3 days, that make their own story with the scarcity effect of the early bird rewards, advertising dollars are better spent toward the end of the campaign. This is why it always makes sense to gradually grow the daily budget so as to push advertising dollars to when it matters most.

You can learn more about Jellop’s crowdfunding strategy here: Jellop

Case Study With Neck Hammock

The Neck Hammock was launched October 24th 2017. Since that time, it has raised over $1,600,000 through Kickstarter & Indiegogo. This was only possible because of the expertise and collaboration between all of us here at LaunchBoom, Proper Propaganda, and Jellop.

Amount raised on Kickstarter
Amount raised on Kickstarter

$1,642,934 Total Raised on Kickstarter & Indiegogo as of 6/28/18

Our team at LaunchBoom began working on Neck Hammock about 75 days before it launched to build the necessary marketing assets (including all video assets) & build the Pre-Launch email audience through our predictive Facebook Advertising System.

Before we launched, we built a list of 12,534 highly qualified email subscribers. The work paid off and we were able to raise $41,180 in the first day and a total of $60,770 in the first 48 hours.

As soon as we launched the Neck Hammock on Kickstarter, we began to see the fruits of Proper Propaganda’s labor. They began media outreach weeks before the launch and it paid off BIG time during the “live” campaign. Here are some of the media placements they were able to get that added massive credibility and more sales:

Jellop came in a couple of weeks after we launched on Kickstarter to boost the campaign even further. You can see where Jellop started near the end of the campaign in the graph below. Using their highly qualified audiences on Facebook and ad tech, they were able to boost sales significantly.

Better Results By Working Together

Proper Propaganda, Jellop, and our team at LaunchBoom are proud that we don’t try to do-it-all. This gives us the freedom to focus deeply on what we do best and provide the best outcome for all of our crowdfunding campaigns. Some of our largest crowdfunding campaigns have been the direct result of successful collaborations with other well respected agencies in the crowdfunding industry.

If you are looking to raise over $1,000,000 like Neck Hammock did within a handful of months, then I’d love to talk.

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