LBN #4 – How Dominic raised over $404K in 24 hours with NanoFoamer PRO

Learn the strategy Dominic used to launch his successful Kickstarter.

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Buenos días!

I just dropped my business partner, Will Ford, off at the airport here in Medellín. He visited for the first time and stayed for 5 days!

It was awesome to show him the vibrant Colombian culture and introduce him to the growing community of entrepreneurs. We even met with our manufacturing partner, Sento, for the first time!

Now it’s time to dive into this week’s newsletter… starting with a recent project that just launched 2 weeks ago!

1. Short Story

How to raise more in 24 hours than your entire last campaign.

2 years ago, this designer’s 1st launch raised $386K in 30 days.

2 weeks ago, this designer’s 2nd launch raised $404K in 24 hours.

Meet Dominic, a designer and founder of Subminimal.

Subminimal creates coffee products to make the perfect espresso at home.

It all started back in October of 2020 with his first product called the NanoFoamer – a product that promised to microfoam milk in 20 seconds.

He launched it on Kickstarter and it was a hit… raising $386,586 in 30 days (the company is located in Singapore which is why it shows in Singapore dollars below).

This was a huge success, but Dominic didn’t stop there. He collected feedback from his customers (which was overwhelmingly positive) but some of the feedback gave him an idea for a new product.

The new product would be called NanoFoamer PRO. This version would microfoam milk automatically and completely hands-free. Overall, it was a huge upgrade from the last version.

He also wanted to upgrade his launch strategy… so Dominic joined our LaunchBoom Accelerator program.

For this launch, Dominic wanted to build a highly qualified prelaunch email list. He used our system to build a Reservation Funnel to do just that.

Here were his prelaunch advertising metrics:

  • Ad spend: $15K
  • VIPs: 3.5K
  • Non-VIPs:10.5K

The most important metric above is the number of VIPs (people that put down a $1 deposit during the prelaunch).

With 3.5K VIPs, Dominic was confident when he pressed the launch button on Kickstarter.

Above is Dominic’s post in our LaunchBoom Accelerator community (there are currently 808 other clients in this community).

1,200 backers in the first 2 hours of the campaign!

Want to know what 1,200 backers looks like on a graph?

See below:

Because Dominic used our Reservation Funnel to build his prelaunch email list, he was able to blow past his goal in only a few minutes.

By the end of day 1, he had raised over $404K and surpassed his entire 30 day funding of his first campaign.

Now, two weeks into the campaign, NanoFoamer PRO has raised $672,040 and still has 16 days left.

2. Marketing Tip

Saying the same thing, but different.

A few years back, we worked on a product called AIR PIX.

Technically, it’s a drone that takes selfie photos and videos.

But even though it was technically a drone, we didn’t want to use that word.

The word “drone” has hi-tech associations… whether that be military drones, the feature-rich DJI drones, or anything in between.

Our target audience was not interested in “drones.”

They were interested in taking selfies and uploading them to social media.

Because of this, we decided to remove the word “drone” completely from our positioning.

Instead, we went with “aerial photographer.”

Sometimes, connecting with your target audience means saying the same thing, but just a little differently.

In this case, the result of this change was massive and led to a $1.6M launch on Indiegogo.

3. Favorite Content

I think what separates most successful entrepreneurs from failed ones is simply perseverance. This tweet from Alex Hormozi is a good reminder of that.

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