LBN #30 – How Stella from Bedvee raised $130,894 in 30 days

Also in this issue: how NOT to write headlines and Apple's 3 marketing principles.

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Mark Pecota | CEO at LaunchBoom

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Buenos días! Here’s what’s on the menu for today:

  1. Inventor makes +$130K in 30 days.
  2. Don’t write headlines like this.
  3. Apple’s 3 marketing principles.


1. Short Story

This inventor just made $130,894 on Kickstarter….

Making the last 3 years of product development worth it.

Here’s how she did it.

Stella Markova

Meet Stella Markova, the creator of Bedvee an affordable, adjustable and portable bed wedge that can elevate your head to any position in seconds.

Bedvee was born out of necessity once she became a caregiver for her bedridden father.

He was in need of a way to make his bed adjustable, but all the options were either bad, expensive, or both.

The first prototype was made from two boards, a beach ball, and a hand pump.

Not the prettiest thing, but it worked and gave her motivation to keep making it better.

Stella went through dozens of design iterations and worked with suppliers and manufacturers to get it right.

In 2023, she was finally ready to launch.

With our help at LaunchBoom, her Kickstarter went live on October 17th, 2023.

The first day she raised $42,449.

And thirty days later, she had driven $130,894 in revenue.

Here’s how she did it.

Bedvee’s pre-launch marketing strategy

If you’re a long-time reader, you already know what I’m about to say… launches are won in the pre-launch.

And “winning” the pre-launch is mainly about building an email list. Not just any email list though. You want to build an email list of people who can’t wait to buy your product.

Sounds obvious, but many creators fail to do this because they don’t use the right strategy.

Well, Stella did it right.

1. She drove traffic with Meta Ads

Meta ads are the first step to build a pre-launch email list. This is how Stella drove traffic. She tested a few ad variations of copy and imagery, but this single ad performed way better than anything else.

Once someone clicked on one of their ads, they were then taken to their landing page.

Bedvee Meta Ads

Quick expert tip 🤓

I always recommend testing out a simple studio shot of your product in your ads (like Bedvee’s ad above). Also, throw in a little red arrow and it’s highly likely your click-through-rate (CTR) will improve.

2. She collected email addresses on a landing page

The landing page is where Bedvee explained their product and collected email addresses. The landing page looked like this:

Bedvee Landing Page

3. She collected $1 reservations

This is the most important step and why we call this funnel the Reservation Funnel. Bedvee offered people an exclusive VIP offer for putting down a $1 reservation deposit.

Bedvee Reservation Funnel

By putting down a $1 deposit, someone would be guaranteed a 40% discount on Kickstarter.

How Bedvee got funded on day one

Leading into the launch, here’s what Bedvee’s pre-launch metrics looked like:

  • Ad spend: $12,431.23
  • Total leads: 9,283
  • Total $1 reservations: 952
  • Cost per lead (CPL): $1.34
  • Cost per reservation (CPR): $13.06

Based on these metrics, Stella was able to launch with confidence.

Bedvee Kickstarter Funding Progress

On the first day, Bedvee raised $42,449 (which was 3.41 times what she spent in the pre-launch).

And by the end of the campaign, she had raised $130,894 from 610 backers, which meant the product idea she had three years ago was now a real business.

Do you have an innovative product like Stella?

We can help you turn it into a real business.

We’ve worked with over a thousand creators to bring their product ideas to life. If you want to be the next one…

Click here to talk with a LaunchBoom expert.

2. Marketing Tip

How not to write bad headlines.

Most headlines suck… they’re boring, uninformative, and unoriginal.

Here’s 5 examples of going from bad → great headlines:

❌: Easy to install
👍: Install in less than 60 seconds

❌: What’s included
👍: Comes with only the stuff you need

❌: Who’s it for?
👍: Made for real gamers, by real gamers

❌: Buy now
👍: Stop putting up with average. Upgrade today

❌: Our testimonials
👍: Over 5,000 coffee-addicts have spoken

3. Favorite Content

Apple’s 3 marketing principles.

This is a copy of The Apple Marketing Philosophy that was written all the way back in 1977.

The most interesting one to me is “Impute.”

Apple understood that the success of a product is about more than its function.

It’s about the presentation. The details. The look.

Because people DO judge a book by its cover.

Apple's Marketing Philosophy

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