LBN #19 – How BocceRoll reinvented a classic backyard game and made $100K+ on Kickstarter

Learn BocceRoll's three steps to a six-figure Kickstarter campaign

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Mark Pecota | CEO at LaunchBoom

You’re reading edition #19 of the LaunchBoom Newsletter, which is sent every Tuesday to thousands of product creators.

Happy Tuesday!

I took a short vacation last week during the 4th of July holiday to visit one of my best friends. That also meant I took a break from the newsletter. The break was nice, but it feels good to be back.

Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. The 3-step prelaunch system to a $100K Kickstarter.
  2. Learning from 15 failed Amazon products.
  3. Read this for a clever lesson in copywriting.


1. Short Story

Two weeks ago, Zach launched his first Kickstarter campaign.

The product was called BocceRoll: a reinvention of the classic yard game.

One day after the launch, he posted this in our LaunchBoom Accelerator community.

That’s right.

Zach nearly doubled his internal goal within 24 hours after launching.

How did he do it?

He followed LaunchBoom’s three-step prelaunch system.

And so can you…

Step 1: Build a Reservation Funnel using LaunchKit

Zach and his team built their Reservation Funnel using LaunchBoom’s software called LaunchKit. This allowed them to quickly create a Reservation Funnel using our proven templates.

The screenshot below is from Zach’s LaunchKit account.

Step 2: Create a strong VIP offer to collect $1 reservations

The key to the Reservation Funnel is having a strong VIP offer. This is what a person will get by putting down a $1 reservation during the prelaunch.

You can see the VIP offer that BocceRoll used below:

By putting down $1 during the prelaunch, someone would reserve the best discount of 37% off when they launched on Kickstarter. As you’ll see in the next section, this was very enticing.

Step 3: Build a prelaunch email list with Facebook ads

Below, you can see the best performing Facebook ad for BocceRoll. The ad actually is a video that switches between four unique images of the product.

You can click the image below to view the ad on Facebook.

Here are the final prelaunch ad metrics before they launched:

  • Ad spend: $9,446.26
  • Leads: 5,000
  • Cost / lead: $1.89
  • $1 Reservations: 1,460
  • Cost / reservation: $6.47

Zach and the BocceRoll team’s prelaunch was successful because they followed these three steps:

  1. They built a Reservation Funnel using LaunchKit
  2. They created an enticing VIP offer
  3. They built a highly qualified email list using Facebook ads

And because they followed these three steps, the achieved these results:

  • They broke $10K in 13 minutes
  • They broke $50K in 3 hours
  • They broke $100K in 1 day

Now, they are at $131,785 and they still have 16 days to go!


By the way, here’s where you can find Zach’s interview on the Masters of Crowdfunding podcast:

2. Marketing Tip

Amazon is the 5th most valuable company…

But have you heard of these 15 Amazon products?

Amazon Tap
Amazon Local
Amazon Spark
Amazon Wallet
Amazon Tickets
Amazon BuyVIP
Amazon AskVille
Amazon Webpay
Amazon Auctions
Amazon Test Drive
Amazon Payphrase
Amazon Webstores
Amazon Restaurants
Amazon CloudPlayer
Amazon Destinations

All of these products failed.

Just like 100’s of other Amazon products.

Yet Amazon is still worth $1.3 trillion today.

The lesson? Experimentation is key.

3. Favorite Content

Read this for a clever lesson in copywriting.

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