LBN #15 – How The Century Jacket by LIVSN raised $456,355 on Kickstarter

Learn how Andrew launched a wildly successful 4th campaign

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Mark Pecota | CEO at LaunchBoom

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Here’s what’s in store for you today:

  1. How Andrew made $456,355 in pre-sale revenue in 30 days.
  2. Finding influencers doesn’t have to be hard.
  3. AriZona Iced Tea’s tweet backfires.


1. Short Story

This founder just finished his Kickstarter campaign…

Driving $456,355 in pre-sale revenue in 30 days.

Meet Andrew Gibbs-Dabney, the founder and CEO of LIVSN.

One week ago, he finished his fourth Kickstarter campaign with the launch of The Century Jacket – raising $456,355.

Working with LaunchBoom wasn’t new for Andrew.

We first worked together on his last campaign where we raised $514,624 for the EcoTrek Adventure Pants.

But about two and a half months ago, we started the prelaunch for his next product: The Century Jacket.

Here was our system for success.

It started with a Reservation Funnel.

We built Andrew’s Reservation Funnel using our software, LaunchKit.

Here’s what the landing page looked like:

We collected $10 reservations.

If someone put down a $10 reservation deposit, they’d lock in a 40% discount on the launch.

We invited VIPs to an exclusive Facebook Group.

On the thank you page, we had a link to an exclusive Facebook Group for VIPs.

Andrew nurtured the VIP community in Facebook.

Andrew actually keeps the VIP group active between each campaign and now he has 1,037 members.

We drove traffic to the Reservation Funnel with Facebook ads.

We ran only static image ads for this prelaunch as they performed well the entire time. Here was the best performing ad:

Before he launched the campaign, here’s what the prelaunch ad metrics looked like:

  • Ad spend: $20,122.68
  • Leads: 4,543
  • Cost per lead: $4,43
  • $10 reservations: 546
  • Cost per reservation: $36.85

Yes, the cost per lead was fairly high, but the cost per reservation was good. With a discounted price point of $359, a cost per reservation of $36.85 was well below benchmarks.

When we launched, we blew past the goal of $10,000 within minutes and raised $224,525 in the first day.

Check out the spike in funding below:

In total, the campaign did $456,355 in pre-sale revenue from 1,046 customers… all because we followed a proven system get funded the very first day.

2. Marketing Tip

Finding influencers doesn’t have to be hard.

I’m going to give you a hypothetical example to show how I’d find influencers. Let’s say that you are launching a new travel backpack.

First I’d start with YouTube.

I would search for travel backpack reviews on YouTube. Immediately, I’m given a list of different YouTube channels I can reach out to.

Next, I’d go to Instagram and TikTok

I would go to Instagram and TikTok and type in the hashtag #travelbackpack. From there, I could look up different influencers that used that hashtag.

3. Favorite Content

AriZona’s tweet backfires.

AriZona Iced Tea called out a scroll-stopping Liquid Death product announcement to their entire following.

Mike Cessario, the CEO of Liquid Death couldn’t have been happier.

In a LinkedIn post he wrote:

“Free Marketing Tip: If you are a giant household name corporation worried about a smaller competitor, don’t use your massive platform to call out your competitor and give them free awareness and consideration to your audience.”

AriZona might be kicking themselves right now.

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