LBN #13 – How these two best friends launched FTL Bags on Kickstarter

Learn how Xander and Ryan raised $51,088 in 7 days

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Mark Pecota | CEO at LaunchBoom

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Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. How Ryan & Xander raised $51,088 in 7 days.
  2. A simple “Google” trick to improve Facebook ads.
  3. The keynote with Becky, the CEO of Indiegogo.


1. Short Story

How two best friends raised $51,088 in 7 days.

Last week, Xander and Ryan launched FTL: the all-in-one duffel bag, garment bag, and briefcase.

Now seven days after launching, they’ve raised $51,088 on Kickstarter and still have 23 days to go.

Here’s how they did it:

  • Joined LaunchBoom
  • Created a Reservation Funnel
  • Drove traffic with Facebook ads
  • Built a prelaunch email list of buyers
  • Used that email list to get funded the first day

Let’s start with their Reservation Funnel.

The LaunchBoom Reservation Funnel allowed them to collect not only emails, but $1 reservations. Below, you can see the top part of their landing page.

Next, let’s talk Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are still the best way to build a high-quality prelaunch email list. That’s why we recommend putting nearly 100% of ad budget into Facebook for the prelaunch.

With different variations of audiences, copy, and creative, Ryan and Xander had over 100 ads. But here was their best performing one.

Before they launched the campaign, here’s what their prelaunch ad metrics looked like:

  • Ad spend: $15,998.27
  • Leads: 3314
  • Cost per lead: $4.83
  • $1 reservations: 507
  • Cost per reservation: $31.55

Leads and reservations weren’t super cheap, but they were still able to use this email list to hit their funding goal on day one… raising $34,555 in the first 24 hours.

With the momentum of the launch, they’ve raised an additional $16,533 and still have 23 days to go!

2. Marketing Tip

Improve your FB/IG ads with one simple tactic.

  1. Define your product keyword
  2. Google it with “tiktok” tagged after
  3. Watch the top 5 videos that show up
  4. Recreate them for your product
  5. Run them as ads

Example: Travel Bag

  1. Product keyword: “Travel Bag”
  2. Search “Travel Bag tiktok” on Google
  3. Watch the 5 videos that pop up
  4. Recreate them
  5. Crush ads

I bet one will become your top performing ad.

3. Favorite Content

Two weeks ago I hosted Becky Center, the CEO of Indiegogo, for the keynote of our Crowdfunded Summit.

I asked her…

“In the face of so much uncertainty in the world, why should people turn to crowdfunding now?”

She said it’s time to “take a bet on yourself.”

You can see her full answer here on my LinkedIn.

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