LBN #12 – How Alex nearly doubled the results of his second campaign on Indiegogo

Learn how eWheels v2 raised $666,482 with their second campaign

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Mark Pecota | CEO at LaunchBoom

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Hello everyone!

Here’s the three topics for you today:

  1. How Alex raised $233,699 in 24 hours with a golf product.
  2. A strange (and simple) way to standout in a crowded market.
  3. The keynote with Everette, the CEO of Kickstarter.


1. Short Story

How Alex raised $233,699 in 24 hours with eWheels v2.

“Turn any pushcart into an electric remote golf caddie” – with these words, we helped the creators of eWheels launch their first product back in 2017 and raise over $343,946.

That campaign was very successful and reached thousands of golf fans from around the world…

But our next campaign with Alex was even better.

He came back to us with a new and improved product called eWheels V2 and this time we nearly doubled the result.

Here are three key tactics that allowed us to do this.

1. Targeted the right audiences

With our ads, we tested many different audiences, but here were our best performing ones:

People up to age 64 – a fantastic move that allowed us to reach more golfers – after all, it’s safe to assume that golf is a hobby for relatively wealthy people, who also tend to be older. At the same time it also drastically lowered the overall advertising cost and increased the return on ad spend. While seniors and older adults are the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook, the cost-per-click here can be as low as half of the advertising for 25-34 year-olds.

People who are interested in luxury watches – because of the opulent nature of golf itself, it’s safe to assume that the same type of person who would be interested in purchasing a luxurious watch of a famous brand is also likely to be interested in playing golf. This theory has proved to be true as some of our ads had an insane 31x return.

VAVA 4K projector customer Lookalike Audience – we had to ask ourselves: what other luxury products does our avatar buy? The answer here was to tap into our database of people that have purchased VAVA: a high-end 4k laser projector that turns your home into a private cinema. Look, if somebody owns a $2,799.99 projector there is a decent chance they also play golf. By creating a lookalike audience of VAVA’s backers we were able to secure a solid list of people eager to discover eWheels.

2. Leaned into the benefits not the features

One of our best performing ads centered around the main benefit customers would get by using eWheels v2… that they’d play better golf. You can see how we leaned into this benefit in the ad below.

3. Nurtured a VIP group

As usual, we created a Reservation Funnel to build a highly qualified prelaunch email list for eWheels v2.

After someone upgraded to VIP by putting down a $1 reservation deposit, we invited them into a Facebook Group. We got 741 VIPs to join this Facebook Group and it was incredibly active.

But here’s the big thing I don’t want you to miss – creating a VIP Facebook group is a great way to increase your chance of success, however, in order to create a real community of raving fans you need to stay active on your communication channels and connect with your (potential) backers!

Our clients did a fantastic job interacting with their audience on a regular basis, which paid off massively.

Before we launched the campaign, here’s what our prelaunch ad metrics looked like:

  • Ad spend: $31,448.81
  • Leads: 7,668
  • Cost per lead: $2.56
  • $1 reservations: 870
  • Cost per reservation: $21.87

When we launched, we raised $233,699 in one day… and by the end of the campaign we had raised $666,482!

2. Marketing Tip

Are you in a crowded market?

Make yourself standout by stating the obvious.

Anvanda is a great f*cking bag.

Give’r Frontier Mittens are the best damn mittens ever.

Neither company tried to overcomplicate their positioning.

And in doing so, they made themselves standout.

3. Favorite Content

Last week I hosted Everette Taylor, the CEO of Kickstarter, for the keynote of our Crowdfunded Summit.

Here are my top three takeaways:

  1. Creating a strong backer community is key to growth. We need to re-engage past backers and create a better backer experience.
  2. We need to help creators make and deliver their products to build trust in the backer community.
  3. Be prepared for more creator support and larger collaborations in art, manga, tech, and more.

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