How Amsel Suite Cracked the Software Code on Kickstarter (CASE STUDY)

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Mark Pecota | CEO at LaunchBoom

Amsel Suite Case Study

Software and Kickstarter are usually like oil and water.

They don’t mix.

But after making over $367K, it seems this developer duo cracked the code.

Amsel Suite Founders

Meet Simon and Martin – the founders of Ollam Technologies and creators of Amsel Suite.

One of their loves in life was storytelling.

More specifically, storytelling through table-top role-playing games (TTRPG).

To start this story, we got to go back to January of 2022.

Simon and Martin had a problem… they spent way more time getting documents and checklists ready than actually telling stories.

Plus, when they started their games, they still had to spend time looking through tons of notes to make the players have a smooth experience.

They dreamt of creating a full-fledged software suite to solve their problem… which they also knew was a big problem for other TTRPG lovers.

So they started to build what would become Amsel Suite.

Kickstarter Image

Flash forward to 2023.

With the software nearing completion, they set their sights on Kickstarter.

The only problem was they didn’t know the best marketing strategy.

That’s where we came in.

Simon and Martin joined LaunchBoom in July of 2023.

Four months later, they hit the launch button on their first Kickstarter campaign – making over $50,000 in the first day alone.

First Day

This wouldn’t have been possible without a well-executed pre-launch marketing strategy.

Let’s dive into what that was.


Amsel Suite’s pre-launch marketing strategy

Making over $367K in 30 days is no easy task – especially as a software product.

And hitting that milestone takes a combination of different marketing tactics, with the most important marketing tactic being the pre-launch.

More specifically, building an email list of real buyers before you launch your campaign.

The best way to do that is by using LaunchBoom’s Reservation Funnel System.

Here’s how it worked.

1. They drove traffic with Meta Ads

Meta ads are the first step to build a pre-launch email list. This is how they drove traffic. They tested many different variations of copy and imagery, but here was their best performing ad.

Best ad

Here are the metrics for this ad:

  • Click through rate: 1.02%
  • Cost per lead: $2.80
  • Cost per reservation: $13.01

You can see all the pre-launch metrics later in this case study.



2. They collected email addresses on a landing page

The landing page is where they explained their product and collected email addresses. The landing page looked like this:

Landing page

By the way, this is a screenshot from our LaunchKit software that all LaunchBoom Creators get access to.



3. They collected $1 reservations

This is the most important step and why we call this funnel the Reservation Funnel. Amsel Suite had this VIP offer for putting down a $1 reservation:

  • A guaranteed 37% discount
  • A special add-on as a bonus
  • An invite to their VIP Facebook group

The most important thing to know is that people who put down the $1 reservation were way more likely to buy (30 times on average, in fact).


Amsel Suite got funded on day one

Leading into the launch, Simon and Martin had 1,152 people who had put down a $1 reservation deposit. Remember, there’s no better predictor of launch success than the reservations.

And just like we thought, their launch was a success.

Kickstarter Raise

On the first day, they made $51,255 (converted from euros).

By the end of the campaign, they had driven $361,300 in revenue from 6,224 new customers.

But most important of all, Simon and Martin had a 4.23x return on pre-launch ad spend.

This was all possible because they followed the LaunchBoom system, which is laser focused on getting creators the highest return on their investment.

Because at LaunchBoom, our goal is not to launch a successful product, but to launch a successful business.



Do you have an innovative product like Simon and Martin?

We can help you turn it into a real business (or dramatically grow your existing business).

We’ve worked with over a thousand product creators.

If you want to be the next one…

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