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LaunchBoom - Indiegogo & Kickstarter Marketing StrategyLaunchBoom - Indiegogo & Kickstarter Marketing Strategy

Our proven
process to
successful brands.

Test & Validate

We test and validate that people actually want your product before you commit to launching it. We also test product positioning to see what voice and visuals best get people to pull out their credit card.

Launch on Kickstarter
or Indiegogo

We build a huge pre-launch email list using our proprietary reservation funnel and tracking technology to hit your crowdfunding goal in hours. Then, we run targeted ads to increase your total raise throughout your campaign.

LaunchBoom - Indiegogo & Kickstarter Marketing Strategy

Scale through
Equity Crowdfunding

We leverage the success of your crowdfunding campaign to raise more funds through equity crowdfunding and continue driving profitable revenue via e-commerce to turn your product into a well-respected brand.

LaunchBoom - Indiegogo & Kickstarter Marketing Strategy

Your long-term partner,
not short-term vendor.

Honest value & education

We love helping creators like you — it’s just what we do. We explain the why behind everything we do and don’t hide or manipulate our data. Transparency, honesty and education are our priorities whenever we communicate with you.

Dedicated to your long-term success

Every person on our team is dedicated to your long-term success, not just your launch. We make sure we’re fully aligned with your revenue goals and that you understand how our metrics and decisions affect your numbers.

Not afraid to speak our expertise

You hired us to give you our expert guidance and advice. Every decision we make is determined by data and done with your best interests in mind. If something doesn’t make sense, we will push back — and you’ll be glad we did.

We turn dreams
into businesses

Meet Bubba. He used to work at the Jackson Hole Airport.

He had an amazing product, but needed some help bringing it to the masses. That’s how he found LaunchBoom.

We helped Bubba raise more than $1.8 million for his indestructible mittens, gloves and more.

And now? Give’r sells thousands of products per year through their e-commerce site and retail stores like REI and HuckBerry.

“The combination of energy, creativity, depth and hunger exhibited by the team at LaunchBoom is both rare and inspiring. We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such talent and are proud to call them partners on our journey as a crowdfunded company. Just be sure to give 100 - and don’t forget to buckle up!”

- Bubba Albrecht,
President & Co-Founder of Give’r


We turn dreams
into businesses

With $10,000 loaned from his mom, Matt built and patented an incredible camera bag, but he had no idea how to bring it to market. So he and his sister/co-founder, Nycol, came to LaunchBoom.

We helped Matt & Nycol build and execute their entire launch strategy. Then, we launched a huge campaign on Kickstarter — raising over $1 million from over 3,000 backers!

Now, Matt and Nycol are selling their bag to people around the world with dozens of raving reviews from professional bloggers and photographers everywhere..

“Launchboom helped us launch our very first kickstarter campaign and I couldn’t imagine having done it without them. When you are launching something as big and important as this for the first time, you want somebody in your corner who knows what they are doing, and this is their niche. I would 100% recommend them”

- Nycol Bevis,
Co-Founder of BevisGear


We turn dreams
into businesses

Steve and Jake created the world’s thinnest wallet to help ease Steve’s back pain (who knew thick wallets would cause so much pain?).

With our system, they were able to test and validate their product quickly while simultaneously building a large list of people interested in their wallet.

Soon after, we helped them launch and raised over $670,000 from over 10,000 backers from more than 39 countries!

We continued partnering with them afterwards — building their e-commerce page, selling thousands more products, and making their wallets thick without breaking their back.

“Launchboom is an amazing team to work with! They feel like part of our family. We met all our campaign goals and look forward to continuing working with them.”

- Steve Schmidt,
Founder of Airo Collective



Will this work for my product idea?

We specialize in physical products for consumers (D2C products) and we’ve launched more than 1,000! This means our system isn’t suited for digital products, apps, art/films, or B2B items. If you’re not sure what category your idea falls under, schedule a call with one of our specialists to find out!

Is it expensive?

We have different programs for different budgets. Our done-for-you program is a high investment, best-in-class service designed to launch the biggest campaigns with the biggest budgets. Our done-with-you program is the best-bang-for-your-buck option designed to give you incredible ROI at an affordable cost.

What if all I have is an idea? Or what if I’m past the crowdfunding stage?

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at. Whether you have a fledgling idea, are ready to launch a campaign, or want to scale your e-commerce brand, we’re here to help.

Do you do copywriting, advertising, design, video production,
[insert service]?

We have a dedicated team to do everything necessary to launch your product and scale it into an 8-figure e-commerce business. If there’s a service we do not offer in-house, we’ll connect you to our network of trusted referral partners who do.

Do you help with equity crowdfunding?

We do! We have a whole unit dedicated to helping you raise more funds on equity crowdfunding sites like StartEngine and WeFunder. In fact, we are trusted agency partners for both platforms.

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your product
idea into
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“I was beyond impressed how they took my idea and turned it into a $1.7mm crowdfunding raise! If you are serious about bringing your idea to market, these guys will help you crush it.”

- Steve Sudell, Neck Hammock

“They are the "upper echelon" of the crowdfunding category and are extremely professional and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a good experienced group to put your trust in, LaunchBoom is the partner.”

- Matt Dryfout, BaKblade

“LaunchBoom has helped me launch 6 crowdfunding campaigns and every one of them has at LEAST 5x our goal! They really know what they're doing!!”

- Kevin Liang, ADI

“They truly understand the Kickstarter backer and have an incredible team to build out campaigns. Over the past several campaigns it has been a real pleasure working with their team.”

- Matt Decelles, William Painter

“RovR Products had a great experience working with LaunchBoom. I was skeptical... but then everything worked like they said. Very happy with the results! It was nothing that we could have done on our own.”

- Jason Ascher, RovR Products

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A Message from Mark, our CEO.

More than 63% of crowdfunding campaigns fail, and only 0.11% raise over $1 million.

Crowdfunding is not as simple as it may seem. You can’t just throw a campaign on Kickstarter, cross your fingers and expect money to start flowing in.

A successful campaign requires work. Plus, transitioning your crowdfunding campaign into a sustainable business can be even harder.

That’s why we built LaunchBoom — to help creators like you turn their product ideas into powerful, long-lasting brands.

Since 2013, we’ve helped more than 1000 creators raise over $100 million via crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and e-commerce. I’d love to see what we can do for you.

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