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From LaunchBoom’s Clients

give’r raised $1,814,602

Was able to quit his job and build his brand full-time

“The combination of energy, creativity, depth and hunger exhibited by the Team at Launchboom is both rare and inspiring. We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such talent and are proud to call them partners on our journey as a crowdfunded company”

Bubba Albrecht President & Co-Founder

Neck Hammock raised $1,642,934

$1.7 million raised in 90 days

“I was beyond impressed how they took my idea and turned it into a $1.7 million crowdfunding raise! You get what you pay for and these guys are worth every penny. If you are serious about bringing your idea to market, these guys will help you crush it.”

Steve Sudell CEO & Co-Founder

ADI raised $1,181,036

Launched six crowdfunding campaigns raising 5x his goal

“LaunchBoom has helped me launch 6 crowdfunding campaigns and every one of them have at LEAST 5x our goal! They really know what they’re doing!!”

Kevin Liang CEO & Founder

As Certified Indiegogo & Kickstarter Experts, We’ve Raised Over $60 Million Since 2015

Our team of over 30 experts work with entrepreneurs around the world everyday to launch their products through crowdfunding. We’ve developed a proven crowdfunding system that not only launches products, but changes entrepreneur’s lives. Because of our success, we were the first agency to become both Certified Indiegogo & Kickstarter Experts – proving that the top crowdfunding platforms trust our system.

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You Might Be Asking…But Wait, Is This Course Really For Me?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an aspirational entrepreneur or experienced crowdfunder, LaunchBoom Academy works!

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The Crowdfunding Masterclass

A masterclass that will teach you how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign yourself.

Pre-Campaign 42 Lessons

  • Crowdfunding Overview

    • Strategy Overview
    • Which Platform is Best For You?
    • Identifying Your Campaign Objective
    • Break Even & Profit Calculator
  • Discovery and Messaging

    • Developing Personas
    • Consumer Based Brand Equity
    • Form Your Initial Positioning Hypothesis
    • Creating Your Tribe Leader
  • Building Your Funnel

    • How to Build Your Website
    • Creating A Lead Offer That Converts
    • Collect High Quality Emails
  • Email Marketing

    • Pre-Campaign Email Marketing Strategy
    • Setting up Mailchimp
    • Broadcast vs Automation Emails
  • Creating A Reservation Funnel

    • How to use ClickFunnels
    • Setting up Google Analytics
    • How to Run A/B Tests
  • Pre-Campaign Advertising

    • How to craft top performing ads
    • Easily run your own facebook ads
    • Optimization and scaling framework
  • Build Excitement For Launch

    • Build a sense of community
    • Build hype before your launch
    • How to use facebook groups

Prepare to Launch 19 Lessons

  • Reward and Pricing Strategy

    • High converting pricing strategy
    • Understand true profit margin
    • Find accurate shipping rates
  • Design your campaign page

    • Campaign page success framework
    • Tricks to increase conversion rate
    • How to build a page without a designer
  • Indiegogo Specific 7 Figure Strategies

    • Standard perk strategies
    • How to use secret perks
    • How to use add-on perks to increase AOV
  • Tracking and Analytics

    • Setup your analytics and tracking
    • Accurately track ROI
    • FREE Google Analytics dashboard
  • Final Launch Prep

    • Choose your funding goal
    • Getting your campaign approved
    • Choosing correct launch date and time

LaunchBoom 14 Lessons

  • How to Have A LaunchBoom

    • Launch email strategy
    • Hit your goal within 48 hours
    • Get free traffic from Kickstarter
  • Campaign Advertising

    • The three distinct phases for Campaign Ads
    • How to Track the ROI of Facebook Ads
    • When is the best time to spend
  • No-Cost Marketing Tactics

    • Campaign update strategy
    • Cross-promotion strategy
    • Upselling during the live campaign
  • Ending Campaign Strong

    • Urgency based email marketing
    • End of campaign promotion strategy
    • Preparing for post-campaign success

Post-Campaign 9 Lessons

  • Tap Into Indiegogo InDemand

    • Setup your campaign on InDemand
    • Tap into InDemand newsletter
    • Use secret perks to build high converting funnels
  • Upsell your backers & survey tools

    • Using survey tools strategy
    • Upsell strategy
    • Make delivery easier
  • Beyond Crowdfunding

    • 4 Pillars of Amazon Success
    • Manufacturing Do’s and Don’ts
    • Building an 8 Figure Brand

PR and Influencer Shortcuts 10 Lessons

  • Influencing the Influencers

    • Influencer strategy overview
    • Influencer research
    • Influencer outreach
  • The Viral PR Method

    • Building Viral Content Media list
    • Viral content outreach
    • Traditional content media outreach

Campaign Video Shortcuts 11 Lessons

  • Campaign Video Development

    • Development Strategy
    • Video Structure that Sells
    • Campaign script writing
  • Campaign Video Pre-Production

    • Pre-Production Strategy
    • How to create a shooting schedule
    • What equipment you need
  • Campaign Video Production

    • Production Strategy
    • Camera Settings & Framing
    • Lighting & Sound

Meet Your Instructors

Mark & Tom are the co-founders of LaunchBoom and have worked with over 500 entrepreneurs since 2015. They’ll teach you the exact crowdfunding system they’ve created and use everyday to launch 6 and 7-figure campaigns.


CEO & Co-Founder of LaunchBoom. Author of best selling book, CROWDFUNDED.

TOM Dadourian

CMO and Co-Founder of LaunchBoom. Brand positioning and Facebook Advertising expert.

our whole team

Experts from many disciplines who have launched not only million dollar campaigns, but multi-million dollar brands.

100% Fully Funded Guarantee

We believe in the course so much that if you go through the course, launch your campaign and don’t reach your funding goal, we’ll refund you all your money. Seriously.

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Mark & Tom are the co-founders of LaunchBoom and have worked with over 500 entrepreneurs since 2015. They’ll teach you the exact crowdfunding system they’ve created and use everyday to launch 6 and 7-figure campaigns.

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This is a living and breathing masterclass. We’ll constantly be updating the course with new lessons and information. Pay once and get access to it forever.

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You’ll be added to our Slack Community with other entrepreneurs and students just like you. The LaunchBoom team will also be available to answer your questions or to celebrate your wins!

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Crowdfunding Masterclass

Join Today & Get Instant Access To The LaunchBoom Academy

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