Crowdfunding During Election Season

Written by Tom Dadourian

It’s election season, and many campaigners are wondering if now is a good time to launch a crowdfunding campaign. After all, people are overwhelmed with news about the elections, so backers must be too distracted to back campaigns, right?

What about advertising costs? Or campaigning noise?

On this live webinar with Stacy Bradford, Hardware Manager at Indiegogo, and Tom Dadourian, CMO of LaunchBoom, they’ll dig into what to expect and how to stay above the political noise to ensure you have a successful crowdfunding campaign.

After we’ll stick around to answer all of your crowdfunding and advertising questions so be sure to stay until the end!

Expect to learn…

The best time to launch
Advertising tips and tricks to increase your ROI
How to optimize your assets for maximum success
Messaging tips
Industry stats and what to do with them
If you can’t make the live event, don’t worry! If you register you’ll be able to watch the replay and share it with your team.


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