Advertising Economics of 7 Figure Campaigns w/ Jellop

Written by Tom Dadourian

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Learn the detailed advertising economic strategies behind some of the top six and seven figure Kickstarter campaings from world renowned crowdfunding advertising experts Iddo Sternberg, Co-Founder of Jellop, Will Ford, President of LaunchBoom, and Tom Dadourian, CMO of LaunchBoom.

Expect to learn the answers to the following questions…

  • How much money should I budget for ads?
  • What is the difference between ROAS vs ROI?
  • How do I balance volume vs profit?
  • Budget pacing: when are the best times to spend advertising dollars?
  • How long should I run  my campaign for?
  • What is a good product price for Kickstarter?
  • Backer Economics: How do I structure my reward tiers for maximum success?

We will save some time at the end to answer any questions you have about advertising or crowdfunding in general.


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