How we raised over $1.9 million for Pepper Cannon on Indiegogo InDemand [CASE STUDY]

Our AdBoom team has the winning strategy for increasing your sales once your crowdfunding campaign ends.

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pepper cannon case study

Pepper Cannon by Männkitchen is a state-of-the-art pepper grinder that raised more than $1.1 million on Kickstarter. The precision grinder lets you pepper your steak in 7 cranks instead of 70 with maximum output for minimal effort.

After the Pepper Cannon campaign ended at $1.1 million, Männkitchen moved the product over to Indiegogo InDemand to continue collecting orders. Unfortunately, once they did this, their traffic and orders tanked.

See how our AdBoom system turned things around and helped them raise an additional $1.9 MILLION on InDemand.🤑

First, what’s Indiegogo InDemand?

InDemand is the campaign after your campaign.

Once you’ve reached your funding goal and your campaign has ended, you can move your campaign over to InDemand to continue raising funds and growing your backer community.

Crowdfunding campaigns from Indiegogo OR Kickstarter can move over to InDemand, and you don’t have to set a new funding goal or campaign deadline.

Unfortunately, very few agencies offer live advertising for InDemand campaigns, so brands that move over often see traffic and sales completely tank. Plus, product prices are higher on InDemand and there’s not as much urgency to back the project to get the best deal, like in traditional crowdfunding campaigns.

Without a service like AdBoom, many brands struggle to raise more money on InDemand.

AdBoom for indiegogo indemand

“I don’t need InDemand. I just want to focus on my next move.”

Sure, you could just let your closed campaign sit while you figure out manufacturing and your next steps to e-commerce—but that’d be a big mistake.

Why wouldn’t you continue driving profitable revenue and building your customer base on InDemand when AdBoom, a performance-based agency, does all the work for you?

You can still focus on your next move, you’ll just be earning more money while you do. It’s 100% a win.

Pepper Cannon sees insane growth with AdBoom

At the end of 2020, we formed a partnership with Männkitchen to help drive traffic to their InDemand campaign and continue scaling their brand using AdBoom.

After extensive product and audience research, our advertising experts created ads that generated $1.9 million in funds raised with only $295,290 in ad spend.

Check out these unbelievable AdBoom Metrics for Pepper Cannon:

  • InDemand Campaign Duration: 10 months
  • Total Ad Spend: $295,290
  • Total Raised on InDemand: $1.9 million
  • Return on Investment: 6.5x
  • Backers Generated on InDemand: 10,328

Why Pepper Cannon Performed So Well on InDemand:

  • Extended timeline (no campaign deadline) allowed us to optimize ad strategy and ad spend without rushing
  • High-quality product in a category that traditionally performs well within crowdfunding platforms (kitchen products)
  • Quality assets and campaign page content
  • Hands-off approach to AdBoom—Männkitchen’s founder Cleve was extremely patient and trusted in the AdBoom process. He allowed us to scale Pepper Cannon without questioning copy, imagery, positioning, or audience testing choices. For example, there were weeks when we were not hitting our target metrics but implemented new strategies to improve them. Then, we would far exceed our targets for the next 3 weeks.

By allowing us to test and use our expertise on scaling and budgeting, we were able to end the campaign with a 6.5x ROI after almost 10 months of InDemand advertising.

How AdBoom can help you scale & succeed

Plenty of agencies offer live advertising for your KS or IGG campaign, but we are one of the few who continue to scale in InDemand and help brands transition into full e-commerce businesses!

AdBoom at a Glance:

  • Ideal for live crowdfunding campaigns or closed campaigns moving to InDemand
  • 2-3x ROI, on average
  • Ads live in 7 days or less (after onboarding is complete)
  • Totally hands-off for you – our team handles copy, ads, positioning, etc.
  • Low setup cost and performance-based pricing

One of the reasons AdBoom is so successful for our clients is because we target ads at custom audiences built from our massive database of crowdfunding backers with a proven track record of purchase intent. We also scale spend by making “lookalike” audiences based off those lists.

In addition to the direct traffic generated from the ads, running ads causes your project to rise in the ranks on Indiegogo which generates more organic traffic for your project.

How AdBoom works

After signing on for AdBoom, you’ll complete our onboarding questionnaire and have a kickoff call with your Campaign Manager where you share insights and determine target return on ad spend (ROAS). Then, our AdBoom team gets to work!

adboom process

Step 1

First, our team does extensive research on your crowdfunding campaign. If we notice anything that can be improved or isn’t a best practice for crowdfunding on a campaign page, we notify you so you can make updates that will likely lead to a higher conversion rate.

Step 2

Next, we research to identify audiences and positioning that is likely to generate the most conversions. Then, we craft ad copy based on the key product features highlighted on the campaign page.

Step 3

From there, we set Facebook ads live and use our expertise to budget, test and scale appropriately.

We keep a close eye on all metrics and if we are at or exceeding the targets set, we request additional spend from you to keep scaling your campaign. 👏🏼

Do you have a live campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo that you want to scale on InDemand?

Book a slot on our calendar for a quick conversation. No pressure, no sales – just a quick call to get to know each other and learn if there’s an opportunity. Either way, you’ll get helpful tips on what to do next.

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