No matter how small you start, Sento will be there for you. No matter how big you become Sento will keep it simple.

Manufacturing & Sourcing


Scaling and mass production is still very complex due to lack of resources and lack of partners who can manufacture quantities in a fast and flexible manner. We have been a start-up, and we get your needs. Many of entrepreneurs start strong and enthusiastically, and then become overwhelmed by the complexity of scaling their product, which results in many of the hardware products never seeing the light of the day.

We know hardware is hard-work, let us help you…

SENTO is your comprehensive, all-in-one electronics scaling hub that provides:

  • A all-in-one solution
  • Flexibility & Agility
  • Expertise & Empowerment
  • A personal approach
  • A unique Location (Free trade zone of Medellín, Colombia)

Unlike Contract Manufacturers, we work on your terms! TOGETHER is how we do it, GREATNESS is the result.

The difference? We provide high flexibility in volumes, agility to make decisions and manufacture your product, and a high level of expertise. When you work with Sento, we become an extension of your brand.  Think of us as your personal coach!

You focus on your clients, we’ll do the rest…

No matter how small you start, Sento will be there for you. No matter how big you become Sento will keep it simple.

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