LaunchBoom Live Recap: Customer awareness, affiliate marketing, and an interview

We had three guests on this week's LaunchBoom Live. Don't miss this one!

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Tom Dadourian

There were a few guest speakers on this week’s LaunchBoom Live, which means this is one you absolutely do not want to miss! Watch the replay here if you didn’t catch it live, or if you want to watch it again. (Seriously—it’s that good.)

Here’s our outline this week:

LaunchBoom Live Recap: Customer awareness, affiliate marketing, and an interview

The 5 levels of customer awareness

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is using the same messaging for everyone. No matter what position you hold in your company or where you are in your crowdfunding campaign or ecommerce business, understanding the 5 levels of customer awareness will help you tailor your content to get the best results. These are the five levels of customer awareness:

  • Unaware customers: don’t know anything about you
  • Problem aware customers: know that they have a problem but don’t know that a solution exists
  • Solution aware customers: understand that a solution exists, but haven’t heard of you specifically
  • Product aware customers: familiar with your specific brand and solution, but they’re not sure if it’s the best choice for them
  • Most aware customers: familiar with you and almost ready to buy, but need one more push

How do you market to each customer awareness group?


People who are unaware of you, your problem, or your solution need to be educated. Introduce them to the problem and then show them your solution. This is the most difficult market to convert; if they aren’t aware of a problem, then they’re not looking for a way to solve that problem, and it might be hard to convince them to care.

Problem aware

These people know that they have a problem, but don’t know about a solution. Using messaging that shows empathy and guiding them to a solution works best with this kind of audience.

Solution aware

These people know about their problem and know that a solution exists, but they don’t specifically know about your solution. Aim to introduce your product to these people and position yourself as a better solution than your competitors.

Product aware

These people know that your product exists, but they’re comparing you to other solutions. Your goal for these people is to show them why your product is the best out there. Using reviews and testimonials really helps with this audience.

Most aware

The people in this group know everything about your brand and your product. They’re ready to make the purchase, but they need one last push to do so. They don’t need education about what you can provide; instead, this group needs incentive to make the purchase. Presenting this group with a coupon code or a secret perk will be most effective.

If you want to learn more about the 5 levels of customer awareness and hear some examples of how we marketed to each, watch the replay!

Working with LaunchBoom (with LaunchBoom’s Will Ford)

LaunchBoom is… well, us! If you’re not already aware of what LaunchBoom can do for you, this is a can’t-miss segment.

LaunchBoom’s main objective is to help entrepreneurs launch their consumer products and build long-lasting bradds around them. We’re in the business of helping people change their lives for the better by being their partner on the road to success.

We do this by making sure that a product will be successful before we go through the crowdfunding process. By running products through our TestBoom program, we can ensure that the products that move forward will meet with 6- or 7-figure success. If a product won’t meet that threshold, then it wouldn’t be worth it for that creator to pay our agency fees. Those creators get a license for LaunchBoom Academy, where they can learn how to launch products on their own without paying the full agency fee.

If a product passes TestBoom, then we move into LaunchBoom, where we make all the marketing assets for your product, create the campaign page, and build your pre-launch email list. We won’t launch until we’re confident that you’ll hit your goal on the first day, which can translate into more success as your campaign goes on. We call this day one success “having a LaunchBoom,” and Will is the one who came up with the term!

After your campaign is over, we’ll help you move into Indiegogo InDemand and then to your own ecommerce website. We’ll continue to help you grow your business with our ScaleBoom program.

If you’re already running a campaign, we’ve got help available for you as well! Our AdBoom program is made to drive traffic to campaigns, leveraging some of our backer audiences to help boost a campaign that’s already running.

No matter where you are in your crowdfunding journey, LaunchBoom has the resources to help you reach that next level!

Affiliate Marketing 101 (with Kickbooster’s Shelby Olson)

Kickbooster is a software company that helps project creators raise more and manage less throughout their campaign. We had Shelby Olson, Kickbooster’s marketing strategist, come on to talk about how they help creators with affiliate marketing and how it helps drive sales.

Affiliate marketing, which is also called referral marketing or influencer marketing, is a sales and marketing strategy where a project creator can incentivize and encourage their backers, media partners, influencers, or other partners to promote their campaigns in exchange for a small reward. This works well for crowdfunding campaigns for a number of reasons.

  • You decide how much each commission is
  • You only pay for conversions, not clicks or impressions
  • Essentially risk free since there are no upfront costs
  • Only pay commissions on pledges that get processed
  • Get high conversion rates from word-of-mouth marketing
  • Have marketing partners create quality content for you
  • Incentivize and reward your community so they become brand ambassadors
  • Reach new audiences without paying for more ads

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and hear some of Shelby’s great examples, watch the replay!

Interview with LaunchBoom CEO Mark Pecota

Mark Pecota isn’t just our CEO—he’s the author of the bestselling book Crowdfunded. He’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their products on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Crowdfunded is a comprehensive A-to-Z guide on every step of the crowdfunding process. When we started LaunchBoom in 2015, there wasn’t a lot of information widely available on how to run a crowdfunding campaign. Mark stepped into that space, writing articles and blog posts explaining every facet of how to crowdfund. Last year, with support and encouragement from the rest of the LaunchBoom team, Mark turned all of that knowledge into a step-by-step crowdfunding blueprint. You can read reviews and get Crowdfunded on Amazon here!

To hear Mark’s full interview, check out the replay.

Q&A and giveaway

Last week, we gave away an hour-long coaching call. Our winner was Marina Prospero. Congratulations, Marina!

This week, we’re giving away another coaching call and a signed copy of Mark Pecota’s Crowdfunded book. To enter, join the Crowdfunded Community on Facebook and leave a comment with a link to your landing page or crowdfunding campaign and answer this question: Once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, what’s the first place you’re going to visit?

We had a great Q&A session this week. I want to answer this question here:

I’d like to review some live pre-launch campaigns to reflect on real-life examples. Is there a directory of live pre-campaigns that LB is running?

The short answer to this is: yes! It’s fairly easy to view what ads any company is running on Facebook at any time. If you navigate to a page and click on “See All” in the Page Transparency section, then click on “Go to Ad Library,” you can view every ad that’s being run. We’ll dive more deeply into this on next week’s LaunchBoom Live with Joe Piperni!

Want to hear what other questions we answered? Click here to watch the replay.

If you’re thinking about launching your next crowdfunding project and want to work with a partner who can help you blow your goals out of the water, book a call with us today to see if we’re a good fit!

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