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Tandem Shower

A Shower Worth Sharing

$774,113 Raised
3,430 Backers
7,741% Funded

Pericle: Gathering Darkness

App-Driven Tabletop RPG

$182,379 Raised
1,117 Backers
304% Funded


AI LIghting Designer-In-A-Box

$124,700 Raised
427 Backers
644% Funded

Shelter by Cinch

The Camping Tarp Reimagined

$71,640 Raised
360 Backers
716% Funded


Hands-Free Travel Cart

$81,933 Raised
219 Backers
683% Funded


Modular Pocket-Sized Everyday Carry

$101,452 Raised
1,581 Backers
1015% Funded


All-In-One Protectable Hive Entrance

$54,752 Raised
577 Backers
456% Funded


World’s First AI Smart Golf Disc

$503,914 Raised
3,368 Backers
2016% Funded


The Fastest Way To Plan Your Garden

$352,759 Raised
2,305 Backers
1176% Funded

Oxi One

Powerful Sequencer & MIDI Controller

$285,554 Raised
473 Backers
1177% Funded


The Ultimate Shower Gadget

$179,836 Raised
439 Backers
1798% Funded

“As soon as we started the program, we started to get real value. We found some new audiences based on the advice from Launchboom, and those audiences immediately took off and hit 3x.”

- Bill Meehan, MiniGrip

“You can tell that these guys have been through it and have seen hundreds of campaigns. It’s been money well spent. We’ve definitely more than broken even on our investment.”

- Ryan Eiler, Bridger Customizable Helmet

Paul Dysinger

Founder & Co-Creator


“To be honest, we didn’t expect to get funded in 10 minutes. Or to bust past 100K in 12 hours. We closed out last night as the 2nd most funded app in the history of Kickstarter and we couldn’t have done it without LaunchBoom — Love you guys!”

Trang Pham

International Marketing Manager


“We’ve had the opportunity to partner with LaunchBoom for a consulting service for our crowdfunding campaign. The best thing about working with LaunchBoom, apart from their vast and incredible experience, knowledge and expertise, is the fact that they are great human beings! They are so caring, honest and kind, all of which makes you feel like you can really rely on them as a true partner.

Igor Koshutin

CEO & Founder


“I want to sincerely thank you for your tremendous support, LaunchBoom, your crowdfunding algorithm, knowledge, experience and support are the best in the Universe!

Anibal Marin

Founder & CEO


“As a two-time Kickstarter creator, I really wish I would’ve known about LaunchBoom consulting a long time ago. LaunchBoom’s pre-launch strategy is by far worth its weight in gold. It would’ve saved me so much time and money.”

Manuel Vázquez Rodríguez

CEO & Founder

Oxi One

100% FUNDED IN 10 minutes!!!! 285k raised, 1500$ ads spent! Thanks a lot LAUNCHBOOM and community for helping us to make this possible!!”

Erica Shelley



“We reached over $60,000 CAD (just shy of $50,000 USD) and had 560 backers! Considering we’re selling a niche product when bees aren’t even flying, we consider that a huge success!

Jeff Feiereisen



“Thank you to LaunchBoom and in particular Matt Olick and Soren Fuchs. We couldn't have asked for better advisors. Also, thanks to Ian Hannon for believing in us and pushing us to join the community."

Gary Watts



Being a member of LaunchBoom is actually priceless. The amount of knowledge in the team is incredible and the support and feedback you get not only from LaunchBoom, but other members of the group, is fantastic. The weekly office hours give you all you need to have a successful launch, and they have regular guest speakers to learn from. Even now, after having a successful Kickstarter campaign, I am watching, participating and learning more everyday. If you want that day one 🚀for your crowdfunding campaign, then look no further than LaunchBoom!

Rockey Roger



“We went live this morning and achieved our goal! Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Trust me, those email sequences on the LaunchBoom worksheet are great. It works and makes our lives easier during launch. Lots of learning and unlearning :). Love all your support.”

Fernando Marques

Founder & CEO


Working with LaunchBoom was the best decision I’ve ever made to create my second crowdfunding campaign. After failing on my first Crowdfunding campaign, I would not be able to launch a successful campaign without everything I got from the LaunchBoom team. I highly recommend them if you plan to launch a campaign.”

Antonio Di Giulio

CEO & Co-Founder

San Leven

“Joe, Jeff, Matt - thank you guys for yesterday’s review on our landing page. Your feedback was so helpful. Your whole team is doing a great job, and we’re so thankful to be part of the LaunchBoom family. Best decision ever! Thanks a lot! :)”

Matthew Kyser

CEO & Founder

Curb Cover

“Soren, Jeff, Joe - wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help in the process of launching Curb Cover. We ultimately decided to launch through a pre-sale on our own website. Things have gone really well. It has really helped to legitimize us in an industry that is hard to get traction in.

Hans Wu



Just wanted to thank you, because I am too excited. You guys really are doing this right and fast, way better than the other agencies I tried.

Cristina Russi

Head of Business


Hera, thank you so much for the nice and precious feedback! Without your and LaunchBoom’s support and great materials available, we really couldn’t have made it.

Aaron Sewall



Soren & LB Team, thanks so much for your help this past year. I’m really happy to have found you! Y’all have been a huge help; we couldn’t have made it without you. It’s great to work with you, and I’d recommend LaunchBoom to anyone looking to run a crowdfunding campaign.

James Opolot



$101,452 Pledged by 1581 Backers in 30 Days. Launched with 458 VIPs, 2500 on mailing list. Thanks Launchboom and everyone on the platform. This success comes from your willingness to share your experiences and outcomes.