How we raised $612,395 for TidyBoard on Kickstarter [CASE STUDY]

TidyBoard launched on Kickstarter in June and raised more than $600k. See how we did it!

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Mark Pecota | CEO at LaunchBoom

TidyBoard launched on Kickstarter in June of 2020, and it raised more than $600k in a month. This unique cutting board and storage system is the easiest and quickest way to prepare a healthy meal. The TidyBoard system streamlines food prep by placing strainers, catches, and containers on the end of the cutting board so you can easily chop fruits or veggies without mixing scraps. TidyBoard also lets you strain hands-free and effortlessly clean up with a swipe of your hand. The hanging design and collapsible containers maximize countertop space and make food prep fast and fun!

TidyBoard on Kickstarter

Phase 1: TestBoom

Like the majority of our clients, we started TidyBoard on our TestBoom program to test demand for the product before we committed to a full Kickstarter launch together. In TestBoom, we use a proprietary system and predictive model to determine how successful a launch will be with minimal upfront investment of time and money.

Messaging & Positioning

TestBoom begins with our Messaging & Positioning process. During this phase, we developed the initial ways we wanted to position TidyBoard in the marketplace.

From this process, we came up with 2 to 4 angles to test in the market. There are many ways to communicate the value of a product. An angle can be thought of as one of those points of value that we want to lead with. Here’s what we came up with for TidyBoard:

  • Food Prep Simplified
  • Maximize Space / Clear Counter, Clear Mind
  • Bring Happiness Back Into The Kitchen
  • Cook Mess-Free Anywhere

Next, we identified 2–4 audiences we wanted to test on Facebook

Think of an audience as a type of person — what are their interests, their age, their gender, etc.?

Here are a few audiences we came up with for TidyBoard:

  • Cooking
  • Health food
  • Organic

Test using our Reservation Funnel

Using the angles and the audiences, we’ll next want to program advertisements and send traffic down our Reservation Funnel which can be pictured below:

reservation funnel

The ultimate goal of the reservation is get the user to put down a $1 deposit to reserve the product before you launch. Why? Because those that put down $1 to reserve the product before you launch are 30x more likely to buy.

You can learn more about what we call our Reservation Funnel by clicking here.

After only $2,000 of ad spend, we knew we had a winner on our hands with TidyBoard. Using our predictive model, we had strong reason to believe that TidyBoard was going to do extremely well. They passed the TestBoom program and moved into Phase 2: LaunchBoom.

Phase 2: LaunchBoom

Once a product reaches Phase 2 of the LaunchBoom system, we are committed to having a massive launch. There’s a lot of small details that go into the process of preparing the launch. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to focus on the most important details.

Scaling pre-campaign advertising

During TestBoom, we only used a $2,000 ad budget. For LaunchBoom, we increased the budget to $24,000 for the pre-campaign. We diversified the ad budget by targeting additional audiences and testing new ad creative. You can see the results in the screenshot below.

TidyBoard pre-campaign
Here are the notable metrics:

  • Ad Spend: $24,000.00
  • Leads: 18,932
  • Cost per Lead: $1.27
  • Reservations:1,511
  • Cost per Reservation: $15.88

We knew that the lowest price point that TidyBoard would sell for was $69, which made the $15.88 cost per reservation well worth it.

VIP Facebook Group

We call those that put down the $1 reservation deposit a “VIP.” One of the benefits of being a VIP is they are added to a private VIP Facebook group. The Facebook group allowed them to interact with the TidyBoard team as well as the rest of the TidyBoard VIPs. This is a great way for us to create an engaged community of people before we launch.

TidyBoard VIP

Having a “LaunchBoom”

With a pre-campaign email list built, we emailed the list when we launched to get funded extremely quickly. You can see in the graph below, the spike of sales on Kickstarter over the first 48 hours.

TidyBoard daily

On the first day, we raised $86,677. On the second day, we raised $19,526. In 48 hours, we were already at $106,203 in funding.

Keeping the campaign momentum going

I like to compare a strong LaunchBoom at the beginning of a campaign to building a strong foundation for the rest of the campaign to build on. The credibility gained by getting funded so quickly makes future visitors to the campaign more likely to convert. Here’s how we were able to capitalize on the strong start and keep momentum going.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

The best way to continue to drive consistent and profitable revenue, is through Facebook & Instagram advertising. For TidyBoard, we were able to advertise even more effectively than the pre-campaign because we now had the credibility of getting funded quickly. In the screenshot below from Facebook Ads Manager you can see the results from the campaign.

TidyBoard live

Here are the important metrics:

  • Amount spent: $11.481.39
  • Revenue: $29,005.00
  • Return on ad spend: 2.53x

Kickstarter Promotions

The Kickstarter team did a great job supporting the campaign with promotions. We were able to unlock many of the promotions because we had funded the project so much through email, Facebook, and PR. Here are some of the ways Kickstarter promoted the project:

  • Email newsletters
  • Homepage placement
  • High placement in the category listing

Because of these promotions and visibility on the platform, Kickstarter directly contributed traffic and sales to the project.

Indiegogo InDemand

Indiegogo has a great feature called Indiegogo InDemand which allows creators to continue to sell products on the platform after the campaign ends. This is how TidyBoard is continuing to fund the project.

Through the campaign funding we raised $612,395 and through InDemand we’ve already raised an additional $58,410 (and we’re still funding!). InDemand is a great way for us to continue to scale on Indiegogo’s platform until the creator is ready to transition to ecommerce.

To wrap it up, here are some of the biggest takeaways:

  • TidyBoard used TestBoom to predict likelihood of success
  • Built a pre-launch email list using our Reservation Funnel to identify people who are 30x more likely to buy
  • Used pre-launch email list to have a “LaunchBoom” and get funded extremely quickly
  • Live campaign Facebook ads drove $29.005.00 in revenue from $11,481.39 in ad spend (a 2.53x return)
  • Kickstarter promotions directly contributed to the project
  • Used Indiegogo InDemand to continue to drive sales after the campaign ended

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