Why you need Indiegogo InDemand for post-campaign crowdfunding

Indiegogo InDemand lets you keep bringing in money even after your campaign ends. It's a must-have for your post-campaign life.

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Joe Piperni

Indiegogo’s powerful InDemand platform is the #1 post-campaign crowdfunding solution no matter where your original campaign ran. Using Indiegogo InDemand can easily double the money you raise with your product. So what is InDemand and why do we believe it’s essential to take a campaign from successful to exceptional?

Simply put, InDemand lets any campaign that meets its initial goal continue raising funds after the campaign ends. And we do mean any campaign—whether you launched on Indiegogo, Kickstarter, or another crowdfunding site, InDemand is an option as long as you reached your goal. Funds are paid out every four weeks, meaning that you’ll have a rolling income for as long as you keep the lights on. Think of InDemand as a wildly customizable pre-order storefront that lets you keep building your community as well as your income.

InDemand’s features

InDemand lets you continue to build your business and sell your product between the end of your crowdfunding campaign and when you start shipping your product (and beyond!). With InDemand, you can:

  • Continue raising funds after your campaign ends
  • Keep your original crowdfunding numbers attached to your product as social proof
  • Use tools like Secret Perks and add-ons to draw in more revenue
  • Reach new people while growing your customer base
  • Get exposure within the Indiegogo community

In the first six months of 2020, campaigns that used InDemand raised an additional $55 million after their original campaigns closed. By providing a way for customers to keep engaging with the product after the campaign ends, InDemand paves the way for companies and creators to keep getting money in the door.

Successful campaigns use InDemand

If your campaign has raised $100,000 or more, InDemand is practically a must-have. More than 95% of successful Indiegogo campaigns use it, while 7 out of 10 campaigns funded on Kickstarter make the transition as well. Why?

InDemand is a flexible way to keep your product at the front of your customers’ minds while keeping a steady stream of new business coming in. You can use it for as long as you need, taking advantage of Indiegogo’s name and customer base to grow your own business. There are no funding goals to meet or timelines to keep track of. It’s a way to keep your customers happy and keep money flowing into your company—a win-win situation.

Winning examples

Here at LaunchBoom, we’ve worked with plenty of campaigns that have used InDemand to radically increase their funding post-campaign.

  • BaKblade started on Kickstarter, where it raised $316,581. By the time they transitioned away from InDemand, they had raised that number to more than a million dollars.
  • AIR PIX raised $731,000 during their campaign. InDemand helped them get that to over $1.6 million.
  • SPRYNG ended their campaign at $600,000, but shot to over $1 million with InDemand.
  • Prepd Skillet raised an impressive $1.6 million during their campaign, but with InDemand, they pushed that to an eye-popping $2.49 million.

The numbers are clear: no matter what type of product you’re selling, if you’re not using InDemand, you’re leaving money on the table. Not completely convinced by our success stories? Check out Indigogo’s InDemand Superstars to see other campaigns that have raised hundreds of times their initial funding goals after opting into InDemand.

How to make InDemand work for you

We believe that using Indiegogo InDemand is the right move for every successful campaign, no matter the product. The key to running an outstanding InDemand campaign is the same as running an outstanding crowdfunding campaign in the first place: you need to have a solid strategy in mind.

Winning campaigns institute a marketing plan before they try to raise a single dollar. You need to know what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it so you can transition from one step to the next, creating a seamless experience for your backers and customers. Making InDemand part of this strategic plan right from the start means that you never have to stop taking orders, creating new customers, and building your brand.

Contact us today to see if we’re a fit to help you build your strategy and launch your product!

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