Use crowdfunding to launch your product and your brand

Crowdfunding is the best way to launch a product and a brand. We've got a free training explaining the whys and hows.

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If you’re thinking about launching a new product, you need to consider using crowdfunding.

It’s the best way to validate your product in the market, take pre-orders before you have inventory on hand, and build an enthusiastic community of customers who will become brand ambassadors for your product.

Not only that, a well-planned and well-executed crowdfunding campaign can launch an entire brand, not just one product. Partnering with a crowdfunding agency like LaunchBoom is a great option for a lot of creators, but for entrepreneurs who want to stay more hands-on or who want to stick to a tighter budget, our free resources have a lot of value!

One of those resources, my weekly webinar on the basics of crowdfunding, was so popular that I turned it into an on-demand video training for anyone who wants to learn more about crowdfunding. The free training outlines LaunchBoom’s entire process for creating 6- and 7-figure crowdfunding projects while building or scaling an eCommerce brand!


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LaunchBoom’s Proven System for Launching eCommerce Products, Raising Millions, and Scaling Your Brand

You read that right: in this training, I tell you what LaunchBoom’s proven process is. Here’s a brief outline of what’s covered:

  • The “Test.Launch.Scale.” framework that LaunchBoom uses to achieve success after success
  • A case study on LaunchBoom’s reservation funnel system, which produces a list that’s 30x more likely to purchase
  • The 5 biggest product launch mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to use a physical product launch as a foundation for a profitable eCommerce business
  • How to get started and what your first steps should be
  • 12 real-life examples of LaunchBoom’s recent product launches that generated over $13.1 million in revenue

I’ll be blunt: launching a physical product through crowdfunding can be the single most powerful customer-building (and business-building) strategy you ever do. The video training covers everything in detail, but I’ll give you a sneak peek of the main points.

Use the right framework

Achieving success requires a plan. You wouldn’t try to bake a cake by going into the kitchen, throwing things into a pan, and hoping for the best. You’d research recipes, shop for the right ingredients, and make sure you had the necessary tools before you cracked a single egg. In the same way, you need to understand how to structure your crowdfunding campaign before you make a video or think about what rewards to offer.

Our “Test.Launch.Scale.” framework has been the platform for all of our crowdfunding campaigns. This is far from a one-and-done solution; it’s a customizable system that can be used again and again to start and grow your brand.

Create a reservation funnel

Getting people on your email list might sound easy, but if you don’t think strategically about how to get the right kinds of leads, the list won’t convert and will end up being totally useless to you. Even if you employ all the best practices that the internet recommends, your email list will convert at a rate of 2 to 4%.

If you use our reservation funnel system, you’ll build an email list that will convert at a rate of 30 to 50%. It’s not complicated, but the results are startling!

How not to run a crowdfunding campaign

We’ve been behind hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns, and that experience has shown us what all the best practices are–and what the worst practices are. Sometimes knowing what mistakes to avoid does as much for your campaign as knowing what tips and tricks to employ.

The training goes through the 5 biggest crowdfunding mistakes that you could make, then tells you how to avoid doing each. It’s not just a list of things to avoid! By the time the training is done, you’ll understand why each mistake is so harmful to your campaign, which will help you keep from doing it anyway.

Launch a brand, not a product

Your goal right now is to get through your crowdfunding campaign, but what are your plans for after the campaign ends? Your first steps will be to manufacture your product and ship the rewards to your backers, of course, but what are you going to do after that?

If you plan everything out right, our crowdfunding campaign can raise a lot of money, but it’s a one-time process. If you want to keep making money from your product, you need to launch a brand. The product is just the first step in your long-term business plan. The free training goes in-depth into why launching a brand is so much more important than just launching a single product.

First steps

So you’ve made the decision: you’re going to run a crowdfunding campaign. Congratulations!

Now what do you do?

I’ll walk you through what your first steps should be after making the decision. This way, you’ll know exactly what to do next. I’m not going to give you a vague idea of the process; I’m going to give you real, actionable steps that will help you get ready to launch your crowdfunding campaign. (Hint: don’t launch your campaign as soon as you decide to do it! There’s a lot more setup involved than you might think…)

Does the LaunchBoom system really work?

The short answer: yes!

The longer answer: it absolutely works, but you don’t have to take my word for it. The training breaks down 12 real-life examples of products that have been launched using our system. In total, these campaigns raised more than $13.1 million in revenue. That’s right: each campaign averaged more than a million dollars. If you’ve got the right product and the right tools, you can use our system to raise 6 or 7 figures, too!

What’s more, this training is completely free. You’re not risking anything by letting me explain it to you, and you can make a decision from there. So what are you waiting for?

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