The first-ever CROWDFUNDED Pitch Competition was a smashing success!

We held a Pitch Competition during our CROWDFUNDED Summit. Find out who won and what exciting products are on their way to a crowdfunding platform near you!

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CROWDFUNDED Pitch Competition coverLaunchBoom hosted the first-ever CROWDFUNDED Summit in September, and we’re excited to report that it was a huge success! The most exciting part by far was the first-ever Pitch Competition. We got over 200 initial submissions, which we narrowed down to 5 finalists. The finalists then each gave a live 5-minute pitch to our panel of judges, and we partnered with other companies in the product development market to give away over $150,000 in services to help get those crowdfunding campaigns off the ground. Our winners were:

  1. Geeek Club’s CyberPunk series: futuristic models made of high-quality parts with all tools included.
  2. OWO’s Haptic Gaming Vest: wearable tech that allows users to feel sensations as they play video games.
  3. Ammos’ Glass Speaker: a new kind of speaker with sound-producing glass and a touch interface.
  4. Blue Bolt’s Yeti Mitts: gloves that are equally warm and dexterous.
  5. The No2 custom-fit eyewear: glasses frames that fit your exact measurements. 

Geeek Club won our grand prize package, which included:

  • LaunchBoom’s Crowdfunding Service Package (valued at $32,000)
  • An ad spend package (valued at $15,000)
  • Gadget Flow Platinum Promotion Package (valued at $7,000)
  • Lemonlight’s Crowdfunding Video and Photography Package (valued at $15,000)
  • StartEngine Campaign Fee credit of $2500
  • 1 free 90-day Amazon Inner Circle Coaching membership
  • 1 free month of Amazon PPC Advertising Management
  • Access to the Sunken Stone Free Amazon Feather Test

Our runners-up also won fantastic prize packages, including: 

  • StartEngine campaign fee credits ($1500 to our second place winner and $1000 to our third-place winner)
  • LaunchBoom Academy access
  • Free Amazon Business Strategy assessment
  • Easyship shipping credits and one-on-one logistics consultation for all finalists
  • One-on-one Indiegogo coaching session for all finalists
  • Free access to TurnKey’s Amazon Standard Operating Procedure Accelerators

In addition to the finalist prizes, ioterra provided several honorable mention awards. These were:

The “Promising Concept” award

Stel Design provided a design and visual rendering package to two campaigns that were not yet ready to go to crowdfunding, and the winners were AudioWings by Carl Thomas and Nurotech by Dennis Schmitt.

The “Lightning Strikes Here” award

Design 1st provided a product concept research package to one campaign with a promising mass-market product that requires the creation of unique electronic components, and the winner was Cal-Cal by Siavash Mortazavi.

The “Most Intelligent Device” award

MistyWest provided a $5000 package of hardware development services to one campaign with a technically complex product, and the winner was Omsorg by Morten Bremild.

The “Ready for Realization” award

ANSYNC provided an early-phase product realization consulting package to one campaign that was ready to create a prototype, and the winner was Foldergo by George Cseh.

The “Consumer Product Innovation” award

Creativity Inc provided a package for sonic branding, play pattern/UX design, and target costing services to one campaign building a consumer product that solves problems for families globally, and the winner was Blue Penguin Aircon Fan by Soo Kean Thai.

In addition to the Pitch Competition, we had presentations on virtually every aspect of crowdfunding, and the insights that attendees gained were invaluable. With 18 presentations on day 1 and 17 more on day 2, we packed as much as we could into the Summit.

Getting the chance to partner with so many amazing companies to offer crowdfunding knowledge to everyone was awesome! We had presentations from titans in the industry like Indiegogo, Kickbooster, Google, Sourcify, Retailbound, Ioterra, Easyship, Facebook, BackerKit, Raindrop, and StartEngine. It was an absolutely packed two days, and we’re already planning to give you even more information at next year’s Summit. Be on the lookout for another Pitch Competition soon as well!

Miss the pitch competition, but still have a crowdfunding campaign that you want to launch? Book a call with us today. We’d love to hear about your product!

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