Get an 8X return on ad spend: AiT Smart One [CASE STUDY]

We were able to help AiT get an 8x return on their ad spend. How did we do it? Find out in this article!

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Mark Pecota | CEO at LaunchBoom

The AiT Smart One, an app-controlled smart desk with a ton of awesome features, launched on Indiegogo in April 2020. AiT’s founders spent months on the design process and were confident in their product, but knew that selling a desk for more than $500 would be tough. They reached out to us shortly after launching their campaign for help in taking it to the next level, and we helped them reach an 8x return on ad spend.

Timing Matters

COVID-19 presented a unique launch opportunity for AiT. More and more people suddenly found themselves working from home, and with little training on how to make the transition, workers worldwide were suddenly presented with a thousand new procrastinations and temptations a day: switching the laundry, putting clean dishes away, talking to a family member, and the dreaded Netflix were right at everyone’s fingertips. AiT’s Smart One was designed to promote a healthier workspace that helped the user focus, so it fit perfectly into this new niche.

LaunchBoom has a proven track record of running highly successful crowdfunding campaigns. In AiT’s case, though, they launched on their own, saw a successful first few days, and then found that their traffic was fizzling out. They wanted more, so they contacted us to see how we could help. We knew they were a perfect candidate for our AdBoom program, and we got them started right away.

What Is AdBoom?

AdBoom is LaunchBoom’s unique advertising system, used after a campaign has launched to bring in even more backers. Its cutting edge techniques help us provide advertising that virtually guarantees success.

AdBoom clients get access to a team that manages their ad campaigns and answers marketing questions that arise during the process. Our focus goes well beyond a client’s current campaign; we’re dedicated to helping clients grow into flourishing businesses in the long term.

Let’s look at the AiT Smart One example to get an idea of how AdBoom works.

We start by running an individual advertising test targeting our database of 3 million past crowdfunding backers. With such a large audience of people we know are interested in crowdfunding, we can be confident in the results: products that do well when advertised to this group will scale well.

LaunchBoom has tested hundreds of products, and over the years, we’ve become experts at advertising to our mega-audience. We know what kinds of messaging and graphics will lead to success, and we can test that with a small client investment, reducing the risk while proving the results.

Product positioning that maximizes impact

Many people who try to advertise on their own make a critical mistake: running ads for their products from their company’s official account. This naturally makes people skeptical, since companies will highlight the best features of their products while glossing over any drawbacks. When was the last time you believed every word that a company said while they were advertising a new product?

AdBoom gives you a significant advantage on this front. Instead of creating ads for you to run through your company’s business profile, we run our ads through Tom’s Interesting Finds, where they look like organic posts.

Tom’s Finds features innovative tech hardware products on and its social media channels. The website gets over 80,000 unique visitors a month, and our social media community is over 160,000 people strong. It’s a prime audience to target through AdBoom, since all of those people are searching Tom’s Finds out because they’re already interested in purchasing products like the ones featured there. Plus, Tom’s Finds isn’t your company, so any ad content placed there to drive people to your campaign will seem to the viewer to be no more than another cool find from Tom.

Here are the two best-performing ads that we ran:

Collaboration at every step

We’re committed to being totally transparent with our clients about the data we collect. This means that you’ll get complete access to all of the advertising data on your campaign, and we’ll help you grow and learn based on that data. All of our AdBoom clients walk away with an incredible amount of marketing data after their successful campaigns.

We’re also committed to working collaboratively with our clients’ teams. We don’t just want you to succeed with your current campaign; we want to help you grow your business overall. If you have people working on advertising, design, or other areas, we’ll work with them, not around them.

In AiT’s case, we worked closely with their team to use their marketing assets, providing feedback and helping more substantially when needed. This collaboration is key in understanding what led to AiT Smart One’s campaign being a complete success.

Important metrics from the AiT Smart One campaign

Ad spend: $18,212.36
Revenue: $158,124.00
Return on ad spend: 8.68x
Purchases: 191
Cost per purchase: $95.35

The results speak for themselves. AiT raised more than 8 times their ad spend during the live campaign. With products priced from $519 to $1249, the $95 cost per purchase is fantastic.

Key takeaways

-AiT Smart One launched a great product at the right time, which set them up for success

-AiT contacted LaunchBoom to grow their campaign after their initial crowdfunding buzz died down

-AdBoom helped AiT raise over $158k during their live campaign while spending just $18k on ads. That’s a return of more than 8x

-We helped AiT raise over $966k by continuing to work with them in the post-campaign stage

If you already have a live campaign on a crowdfunding platform or Indiegogo InDemand and you’d like to let the world know about your product and take your revenue to the next level, apply now to see if you’re a good fit for AdBoom. We look forward to working with you!

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