Easyship Collect: The new shipping solution made just for Kickstarter & Indiegogo

Shipping and fulfillment just became one of the easiest parts of crowdfunding.

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Mark Pecota | CEO at LaunchBoom

easyship collect crowdfunding shippingThe process of launching a crowdfunding campaign is an emotional rollercoaster. Anyone who’s been through it or is currently going through it understands the many challenges of crowdfunding.

When you finally get to the exciting part—raising funds—it can seem like you’ve reached your destination. But more often than not, shipping logistics come crashing in with setbacks, surprise fees, and higher rates than expected.

Fortunately, there’s a new shipping solution on the block.

In this article, I’m going to tell you how you can avoid all of that with Easyship Collect, Easyship’s new shipping tool for crowdfunding.

Why you need a reliable shipping solution for Kickstarter & Indiegogo

Shipping logistics are the silent killer of crowdfunding campaigns. If you don’t take shipping into account well in advance, it can end up taking a huge chunk out of your profits due to miscalculation.

And even when you figure out shipping for your crowdfunding product ahead of time, you usually don’t know international costs for every country until it’s too late to change your shipping provider.

On top of that, when backers are hesitant about backing because of unknown shipping rates or stunned when they find them out, it hurts your conversion rate and creates a customer service nightmare.

These unknowns have made shipping one of the biggest pain points of crowdfunding, but Easyship Collect solves them all.

But first, what’s Easyship?

Easyship has made a name for itself as the go-to eCommerce fulfillment partner. Their distributed warehouses and logistics network enables them to do the legwork of fulfillment more easily than competitors who have to secure warehouses and fulfillment lines on a per-project basis.

They’ve been offering shipping for crowdfunding for years, but their brand new offering is a gamechanger for crowdfunders.

Easyship Collect: the brand new shipping tool made specifically for crowdfunding

The Easyship Collect shipping tool allows you to set basic shipping options without finalized weight and size of packages.

This is huge because it allows backers to back now and pay for shipping later which reduces the amount that a backer has to pay at the time of backing the campaign. By reducing the upfront payment, it makes the backer purchase decision more accessible!

Benefits of Easyship Collect for the backer & creator

On top of delaying the burden of shipping cost and management until the time of delivery, Easyship Collect has tons of built-in features that benefit both backers and creators.

easyship collect backer benefits

Benefits for the Backer:

  • Shipping Speed Options: Allows backers to choose between paying for Cheapest, Fastest, or Best Value shipping. These options for tiered shipping choices by speed of delivery have never been available to crowdfunding campaigns before!
  • Shipping/Package Insurance: Backers can choose to protect their product from loss, damage, or theft with shipping insurance. This has also never been available to crowdfunding campaigns before!
  • International Shipping Rate Calculator: During the campaign (so you and your backers know)
  • Tax and Duty Costs Calculator

Benefits for the Creator:

  • All of the Above Benefits to the Backer: Because value to the backer is value to the campaigner!
  • Charge for Shipping at Time of Fulfillment: Collect enables the campaigner to charge the cost of shipping at the time of fulfillment, instead of when the backer backs the campaign, which is how it’s been done until now. This means that fluctuating shipping costs in the time between the campaign and product delivery won’t negatively impact campaigners. This protects the campaigner from potentially having to pay out of pocket to cover the difference if shipping costs increase from the prices they set during the campaign to the time of delivery.
  • Send a Survey One Month Before the Ship Date
  • Pay Budget Shipping Rates, Including Flat Rates
  • Integrate With Global Couriers
author clock kickstarter campaign

Author Clock, a $1.3mm Kickstarter campaign, chose Easyship Collect

Our client Jose, the creator of Author Clock, is one of the first to use Easyship Collect for his Kickstarter campaign. It’s going to make shipping to his 8,000+ backers safe, affordable, and simple.

If you’re launching a crowdfunding campaign and need a shipping solution, head over to Easyship to learn more about Easyship Collect and get a demo.

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