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4 Ways To Invite Your Backers To Your Crowdfunding Referral Program

The most important aspect of any successful crowdfunding campaign, aside from a great product, is getting the word out to as many people as possible. Your backers have pledged to your campaign and helped make it a success. Those very same people who are excited about your product are the same people who are likely to tell their friends and family about it. What’s the best way run a crowdfunding referral program?

Kickbooster makes it easy to get your project in front of more people while also offering an added incentive of custom rewards for your brand advocates.

Once you’ve connected your campaign to Kickbooster and set your reward, it’s time to tell your backers about your referral program. Here’s how:

1. Introduce Referral Program in an Email

Send your backers a dedicated email letting them know about your referral program. There are three components to the perfect email pitch – thank, ask, offer. Let’s take a quick look at what your referral program introduction email should look like.


Thank your backers for supporting your project. This doesn’t have to be long, just one or two sentences letting them know you appreciate them and couldn’t do it without them.


What are you hoping to achieve, what are you asking of your backers, and what steps do they need to take?


What are you offering as incentive for helping you? In this case it’s a commission for any successful referral they bring in.

Here’s an example of what this email could look like:

Hi [contact name],

Thanks for helping us get one step closer to bringing our project to life. We couldn’t do it without the support of backers like you.

We are looking for help to spread the word about our campaign. We’ve opened up a referral program that allows you to grab a unique referral link to share with your friends and family. You can earn __% commission for any successful referrals that come through your link.

Please note that this offer is only valid for new referrals you bring to the project and will not be valid against your original pledge.

2. Follow Up Emails

Mention your referral program in any follow up emails you send to your backers. When you are updating them on the status of your crowdfunding campaign, remind them also about your referral program. It doesn’t have to be long, just a couple sentences somewhere in your email letting your backers know they can become an affiliate and directing them where to sign up.

Here’s a great example shared in one of Wainlux Laser’s backer update emails:

kickbooter email

3. Feature Your Referral Program Prominently on Your Campaign Page

Add a banner to your campaign page to make it visible that your project is being boosted by Kickbooster. Check out some of our banner options here. You can also link your banner to your affiliate sign up page to bring even more traffic to your campaign.

kickbooster banner

4. Post on Social Media

Post regularly on your social media channels about your referral program to keep it top of mind for your followers. You can incorporate the same components mentioned for the perfect pitch and use them in your social media content. Let your backers know that they can earn commissions while supporting your campaign and give them clear instructions on how to do so.

How Successful is Kickbooster’s Referral Marketing App?

Over $42 million has been raised through Kickbooster’s referral program. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out about your project and you only pay for referrals that lead to a successful pledge.

Learn more and get started with Kickbooster today by visiting!

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