10 green tech crowdfunding projects we love

Green tech is one of the most popular categories in crowdfunding! Check out this list of 10 of our favorite green tech products.

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10 green tech crowdfunding projects we love

Green tech is the hottest category in crowdfunding, and it’s not hard to figure out why. These environmentally-friendly products bring people things they want while either lessening their impact on the planet or actively working to improve the condition here on good old Earth. Today we’re taking a look at our top 10 favorite green tech crowdfunding projects from the last few years!


This air filter is small but mighty! briiv uses 100% natural and sustainable materials to filter the air in your home or office. One briiv is equal to more than 3,000 houseplants! Even better, the zero-plastic filter means that it’s completely biodegradable, unlike the HEPA filters common in most other air filters.


This tissue box is part of a line of sustainable products! LastTissue is a convenient way to bring back the handkerchief with a new, modern design. The tissues can be pulled out, used, and then put into a separate compartment in the box to be washed. LastObject, the company behind LastTissue, also has a reusable makeup round and eab swab. Each product eliminates waste from being added to landfills!


Lomi is a countertop composter that can turn recyclables and food waste into compost with the push of a button. In just a few hours, you can go from gross, smelly waste to odorless compost, perfect for use in your garden! Not only will your plants thank you, but the planet will, too: taking food waste out of the equation reduces the methane produced at landfills, which cuts down on climate change.

GoSun Chillest

Keeping your food cool is a big part of making sure it isn’t wasted… but so much water gets wasted with all the ice needed to keep things fresh. Enter GoSun Chillest, a solar-powered cooler that can keep your food cool for hours without the need for ice. That’s right: you can use the sun to keep your food cool! What’s more, GoSun has a whole line of solar-powered and reusable products for you to use in lots of outdoor settings.

Legion Solar 5

Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but traditional methods are incredibly costly and difficult to adjust. Legion Solar takes the pain out of solar with their system, which is easy to install and modify as needed. You can set it up yourself in 10 minutes and control it using an app on your phone! What’s more, you’ll get your investment in the system back three times faster than you would with a traditional solar panel system.


Imagine never over-watering or under-watering your plants ever again. That’s the aim of terraplanter, the new planter designed to give your plants the water they need and no more. The innovative planter also doesn’t need soil; you can use seeds or sprouts without the need for the mess. Your garden just got a whole lot easier to manage, and you’ll waste far less water doing so!

OGarden Smart

Your garden doesn’t have to live outside! With OGarden Smart, you can grow up to 90 fruits and vegetables at the same time in a climate-controlled setting. Growing your own produce means you’ll skip all the pesticides and fertilizers used in commercial growing spaces. Plus, with the ability to control exactly what you’re growing and harvesting, you won’t have food waste.


Eliminating waste is a huge part of the sustainability movement, and SOAPBOTTLE figured out an ingenious way to do it: make your packaging part of your product! Each SOAPBOTTLE is a bar of hand soap filled with liquid body wash, which is poured out of one corner of the product. When the body wash is gone, the hand soap container is then used until that, too, is gone. Zero waste!

Coffee Cycle

Coffee is pretty great… to drink, and to drink from! With an estimated 500 billion disposable to-go cups used each year and 500,000 tons of coffee grounds used every day, it’s far from a sustainable practice. Enter Coffee Cycle, a reusable to-go cup made out of recycled coffee grounds. It’s 100% biodegradable, plastic-free, and made from recycled materials… and it gives you the chance to be drinking your coffee from coffee.


Whether it’s biting cold or unstoppable heat, most people have been subjected to extreme weather conditions. Everyone’s worst nightmare in that kind of situation is being without power, which has led many to consider investing in a home generator. While traditional generators are powered by gasoline, Generark is a solar-powered battery backup that can power most home appliances for up to 7 days.

Have a green tech product that you’re getting ready to launch? Apply to work with us today—we’d love to partner with you to get it off the ground!

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